iHAB-2 Launch Update

Discussion in 'Amateur Radio News' started by W0OTM, Sep 25, 2010.

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  1. W0OTM

    W0OTM XML Subscriber QRZ Page


    ** Reminder **
    iHAB-2 Launch
    Sponsored by: QRP ARCI

    Saturday - October 2, 2010
    Preflight: 13:00Z - 8AM CDT
    Launch: 14:00Z - 9AM CDT
    Ottumwa Industrial Airport - - IHCC North Campus - Aviation Building

    LIVE! WEBCAST of the launch : http://www.w0otm.com/iHAB/iHAB-2/


    146.970- Tone: 100
    Echolink: KE0BX-R - #13213

    20M CW Beacon:
    "K6JSS iHAB-2"
    Signal Reports - http://www.qrpspots.com

    Complete iHAB-2 Details : http://www.w0otm.com/iHAB/iHAB-2/

    ** Mission Status **
    Flightpath Predictions are now posted on the iHAB-2 website. Looks like iHAB-2 will be crossing state lines into Missouri.

    Flight preparedness is moving along on schedule. Final systems tests will be conducted starting Monday September 27th. WA0ITP has completed the new and improved Class E Amp based 20M QRP rig. Final payload weights will be available later this week, but preliminary weights are indicating a ~500g weight reduction from iHAB-1.

    Don't forget to visit QRP ARCI http://www.qrparci.org for details on iHAB-2 activities sponsored by QRP ARCI - QRP Amateur Radio Club International.

    We are excited about this launch!

    Keep Looking Up!
    iHAB Team
  2. N5XMV

    N5XMV Ham Member QRZ Page

    I plan to try to monitor in real time from the shack here in Central Texas, as well as online. Looks like there are some good spots to look for updates.
    Thanks & 73,
    Paul N5XMV
  3. N1YBX

    N1YBX Ham Member QRZ Page

    Looking FWD to it!

    Really enjoyed the 1st one, and can't wait for #2. This time besides HF I'm hoping to have my APRS up an running. Here's to a sucessful launch, flight, and recovery! Thanks in advance...73!

    Frank Pesce JR (N1YBX)
  4. W0IW

    W0IW Ham Member QRZ Page

    Great Job Marshall !

    Your leading the pack Marshall...
    Great Job OM...!!!

  5. KB3FXI

    KB3FXI Ham Member QRZ Page

    I checked out the site and the DJ-C7 caught my eye! I guess you couldn't have picked a smaller or lighter dualbander than that.

    A good friend of mine gave me his and it's been my faithful companion for some time now... great little HT.

    I hope to make the schedule and will be listening for the 20m beacon... 1.6 W can go a long way.

    Good luck and I hope all goes well with the project!

    -Dave, KB3FXI

  6. W0OTM

    W0OTM XML Subscriber QRZ Page

    iHAB-2 Launch Update


    First, I would like to thank everyone who participated in the second launch of the iHAB Project. I would like to thank QRP ARCI (http://www.qrparci.com) for sponsoring this flight. iHAB-2 was a great success, and I am pleased with the overwhelming responses I have received! Amateur Radio operators from around the world tuned in to take a listen and watch iHAB-2 on it flight.

    Here are some statistics for iHAB-2

    Flight lasted 4hours 28min. iHAB-2 ascended to 87,100 feet, and covered over 170 miles. The balloon and payload landed safely in a corn field east of Rockbridge, IL. Thanks to the help of 3 local hams operators & experienced FoxFunters, it was recovered within 30min of landing. Many thanks to Mark Joseph (KC9DUU) - Jesse Risley (K9JLR) - Jeremy Lamb (KC9KGJ) for their fantastic work! The APRS telemetry didn't work as well as expected due to VERY sparse APRS iGate density along the flight path.

    The camera on board took 2100 digital photos, and provided some excellent pictures of the earth in near space. The High Resolution version of the iHAB-2 Panoramic is "out of this wold"! It is a MUST SEE! http://www.w0otm.com/iHAB/iHAB-2/Media/iHAB-2_Panorama1_HQ.jpg

    Over 350 signal reports were submitted worldwide from the 14.059 CW beacon.

    The iHAB-2 website has been updated with post flight analysis data, photos, as well as PreLaunch, Launch, and recovery videos. Feel free to share your experience with your fellow hams, and prepare for iHAB-3 launch very soon! Keep Looking Up!


    Launch Video:

    Flight Photos:
  7. AC0GR

    AC0GR Ham Member QRZ Page

    Looks like the 'Apex 87,100ft' photo and the panoramic are facing approx NE, with Beardstown, IL in the lower left corner.
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