IARU Administrative Council Calls for End to Morse Requirement

Discussion in 'Amateur Radio News' started by Guest, Oct 14, 2001.

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    From the ARRL...

    Saying that it was ''setting aside any previous relevant decisions,''
    the International Amateur Radio Union Administrative Council this
    week resolved that IARU policy supports ''the removal of Morse code
    testing as an ITU requirement for an amateur license to operate on
    frequencies below 30 MHz.'' The Council further resolved to urge
    member societies--as an interim measure--to seek Morse code testing
    speeds ''not exceeding five words per minute.''

    The resolution was adopted during the IARU Administrative Council
    meeting October 6-8 in Guatemala City, Guatemala, which followed the
    14th General Assembly of IARU Region 2.

    The Council's Morse resolution took into consideration the
    approval--without opposition--of ITU-R Recommendation M.1544. That
    document sets out the minimum qualifications of radio amateurs. The
    Council also said it recognizes that Morse code ''continues to be an
    effective and efficient mode of communication used by many thousands
    of radio amateurs'' but that Morse code proficiency as requirement
    for an HF amateur license ''is no longer relevant to the healthy
    future of Amateur Radio.''

    The principal business at the Administrative Council session was to
    review the status of IARU preparations for WRC-2003. Agenda items of
    concern to amateurs include, among others, the harmonization of
    amateur and broadcasting allocations near 7 MHz, the adequacy of HF
    broadcasting allocations below 10 MHz, and possible revisions to
    Article S25 of the international Radio Regulations.

    Among other things, Article S25 spells out Amateur Radio operator
    qualifications. It now provides that Amateur Radio license
    applicants demonstrate the ability ''to send correctly by hand and to
    receive correctly by ear, texts in Morse code signals'' for operation
    below 30 MHz. The IARU Administrative Council supports the revision
    of Article S25 and the incorporation by reference of Recommendation

    The IARU Council selected the theme of the next World Amateur Radio
    Day, April 18, 2002, as ''Amateur Radio: Continuing Innovation in
    Communication Technology.''
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