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Discussion in 'General Announcements' started by KP2BX, Oct 7, 2017.

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  1. KP2BX

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    Hurricane Supply List. Update: 10.7.17
    Linda Kern or Lehua Kern
    Tortola, BVI Survivor of Hugo
    Lehua a kumu Facebook

    (1) Food: Secure gas bottles. No gas? Canned food. Manual can opener. Dog food. (2) Water: Buy plain chlorine bleach and put 4-6 drops per gallon of water. Use a drinking straw. Stir it. You should just barely smell chlorine. Use a clean bucket and rope to draw water from cistern. We did it. (3) Windows: Bring Screens inside. Even if you board up. We boarded with 1/4" plywood. Did it wrong. Hugo ripped it off. Luckily we had taped the windows. They bowed outward but survived. Use blue painters tape. Or you will scrape for days. Board up correctly. Cut plywood to fit inside the window frame. Attach to window frame using angle fasteners or barrel bolts, screw inserts and screws. (4) Clothing: Clean or at least dry clothes. Rope for clothesline and clothespins. Detergent for hand washing. (5) Car: Xtra gasoline and fix a flat or tire repair kit and compressed air. There could be nails on the road. (6) Communications. Find an amateur radio operator. They can communicate in town and across the country. Keep in touch with your neighbors. Battery AM/FM operated radio. Batteries. (7) Cash: Small bills. (8) Safety: Center of home. Small room. With small windows. (9) Lighting: LED or Kerosene lanterns. Get extra wicks. And kerosene. And Matches. (10) Insects: Again, Bring any screens inside or they may fly. Buy mosquito coils. They work. Also wasp spray and fly swatter. (11) Asset Protection: Plastic sheeting, tarps or bags to protect electronics, vehicle and clothing. Ziplocs for documents. Yes salt water will blow everywhere. It even got inside our home which stayed intact. (12) First aid kit and medications. Booze. For medicinal purposes.Something to keep your hands busy (knitting, embroidery, etc). Something to keep your mind busy (playing cards, dominoes, games). (13) Tarps adjustable hooks and ropes. Just in case. (14) Plastic sheeting for indoor items. And to cover your car. Drive over it. (15) Tent. (16) Air mattress. (17) Plastic mattress bags. (18) Yeti or RTI coolers.
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