Hurricane Irma, Surviving The Storm, HAM RADIO!

Discussion in 'Amateur Radio News' started by KJ4YZI, Sep 17, 2017.

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  1. KJ4YZI

    KJ4YZI Ham Member QRZ Page

    My thoughts and prayers are with EVERYONE who have their lives ruined by these storms in 2017.
    This is probably the most comprehensive and most educational video I have ever posted on my channel. If you live in a Hurricane prone area, IF you live in Florida, IF you don't know what's going to happen when a hurricane hits, then THIS video is for you.

    I watched some despicable actions of people "preparing".. Half the people do not even know how to panic. And they endanger the lives of others when they live in the state of Florida and act this way. I was cussed out several times, I was almost in several accidents, all because people were so unprepared and pissed off, that they take it out on someone who is remaining calm.

    I invite EVERYONE who clicked on this post to watch it, leave a comment on my video on YouTube, and a THUMBS UP for the EFFORT and INFORMATION, NOT for the topic.

    SUBSCRIBE and follow along with HamRadioConcepts

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  2. AE7XG

    AE7XG Ham Member QRZ Page

    CBS FOX NBC and ABC should run this video several times A week every Spring, Still would you have stupid people YES.
    All you left out is survival food . Wal-mart sells large cans of this type of canned food everywhere .
  3. W1YW

    W1YW Ham Member QRZ Page

    My son was in it (Harvey).

    He will be moving out of Houston next year.

    Excellent video.
  4. K2JVI

    K2JVI Ham Member QRZ Page

    Excellent video-good common sense information for any disaster, even where I live in MN. Really like how you emphasize how cell networks, the internet, and streaming services are vulnerable. I work for an ISP and couldn't agree more. That's one reason I have a roof top TV antenna for local channels vs relying on satellite or cable for that. A good multiband battery or solar operated radio is essential in my opinion, in fact I'm looking at replacing my older portable SW radio with the C crane "skywave" model,covers AM,FM,NOAA weather and SW, all for around $90. Keeping extra gasoline ahead of time is a good idea however, one should use some gas stabilizer if one plans to keep gasoline stored for longer than a few weeks. Again excellent video and I cant believe some of the nay-sayers on Youtube-probably a bunch of snowflakes raised by parents who never let them do anything for themselves which is one of the WORST ways to be prepared for a disaster....
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  5. AC4RD

    AC4RD Ham Member QRZ Page

    Q: How can I tell if I live in a hurricane-prone area?

    A: Look at your driver's license. If it says "Louisiana," you live in a hurricane-prone area. ;-)

    (Don't remember where I read that but I still laugh about it. I was born and raised in Baton Rouge.)
  6. W4POT

    W4POT Premium Subscriber QRZ Page

    It was well worth my time to watch this video even though I was already familiar with most of the content. I'm already sharing it with others who may not be.
  7. AK5B

    AK5B Ham Member QRZ Page

    Wow! Great job, Eric!

    You really nailed the lack of preparedness well.

    My wife and I returned to our hurricane-ravaged town a few days ago after evacuating 27 hours before landfall here in Rockport. Fortunately we had been to a Hurricane Preparedness presentation by a NOAA or NWS employee at our local convention center a couple of years earlier so we had some basic ideas of what to do and have on hand already before we headed out of Dodge.

    The damage to our small town is so extensive that I am amazed that our building is still standing. We are among the extremely lucky few who had undamaged homes to return to after the storm. Yesterday I went out to Copano Ridge (3 miles from us) where there are very few homes that were without major damage or totally destroyed---it was quite an eye opener. Huge boat barns were ripped open and things torn apart like paper.

    This photo is from another part of town but it's essentially the same scenario; not much loss of life here but otherwise many, many lives have been turned upside down because of the massive destruction throughout our once pretty little town on Aransas Bay/Gulf of Mexico.
    Port O' Call Condominiums (we lived in another building seen on the far left before moving elsewhere in 2015) Rockport, TX photo J. Cathrow c.2017

    Salt Flats Apartments on the south side of Rockport close to where Harvey's eye made landfall. Photo by Jeff Cathrow, c. 2017

    Huge piles of rubble line the streets in every direction, yet it is heartwarming to see what's left of our community pulling together now. Even some businesses in the Historic District downtown survived and a few restaurants, gas stations and grocery stores are back up and open for business.
    Rowdy Maui, Rockport, Texas Photo by Jeff Cathrow, c. 2017

    Thank you for creating and posting such a USEFUL & INFORMATIVE VIDEO!
    Everyone in hurricane-prone areas should see this!
    Educating people is a substantial part of the key to survival in any severe weather scenario and you have done quite well in your hour-long presentation. I plan to send a link to a very well-known broadcaster down in Florida who will likely help you spread the good word, too.

    One thing I thought of that might be a good idea to add for anyone needing or deciding to evacuate one's home (and wish we had thought of this before we left ours):

    Completely empty the contents of refrigerators and leave the doors open---otherwise returning evacuees will be faced with a fridge full of mold and rotten food that is a serious health hazard unto itself.

    FREE - WORKS - STINKS BAD Fulton Harbor, Rockport/Fulton, Texas photo by Jeff Cathrow, NH7RO c. 2017

    My wife only took a few things out and put into our large cooler despite there being room for more. She was in such a rush to get out (although we were far ahead of the storm when we left there wasn't quite the urgency required as if it had been the next day) she just grabbed some items and left the rest. Believe me, even though we were so lucky to have most of our place intact cleaning out a mold-infested space is no picnic and it could have been avoided if we had prepared better.

    Unfortunately, as the rubble piles up (and before it is carted away by the ton every day) our town is beginning to reek of the mold, mildew, rot and stench of destruction. It has been dry here ever since we returned on the 11th of September but thunderstorms are predicted soon. Once we get another rain it will complicate cleanup efforts even more.

    I am glad to see that your part of Florida escaped major damage---but between Hurricanes Harvey, Irma and now Jose and Maria---we are far from being "out of the woods" just yet.

    Hopefully your fine video will awaken people to the dangers of unpreparedness.

    We are all in this together and I wish everyone who was touched by these disasters the very best going forward.


    Jeff, NH7RO
    Rockport, Texas
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  8. NC5EE

    NC5EE Ham Member QRZ Page

    Great video , Its so funny how you have to make a video to tell people not to be stupid . I have never understood that .
    I'm also a ham operator , been a ham now for 35 years . I love the part of your video where you have to tell people your phone is junk in something like this .They will never get it . The news always will tell them " make sure your phone is charged ". Why ??it wont work anyway . Your right its radio .
    The ones in the boat that the cops went out to get , I'm also a firefighter and we have to do this kind of thing all the time . it dont make since why people think I'm good , if we get into trouble we can just call 911. People must be ready for this stuff . Told days ahead of the storm , and even know the bad wx season is coming and still do nothing to get ready for it until it hits .
    As you know here in Oklahoma we have tornado's . I will never forget the f5 that came into Moore, Ok. I was out in front of it and trying to tell people take cover . I rolled into the small town of Chandler, Ok . I was yelling get under ground . This f5 was ripping foundations out of the ground .It was right at 2 miles wide at one point and wind speeds over 300 miles a hour . And people still did nothing . They showed the track of the twister on the tv and still people did nothing . Why ?? I dont get it . To be hit by it in the middle of the night is one thing but this was the middle of the day . What you said on things to get before hand and be ready also goes for here . Say you dont take a direct hit from the twister but you loose power . You could be out for weeks .Walmart wont have what you need then you must get it before hand . To be ready for this kind of stuff is the only way .
    Great job again on the video . Maybe it will wake some of them up to the fact that its your own responsibility to take care of yourself . Plan ahead and be smart .

    73 and good dx

    chuck KD5LEP
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  9. N0CEL

    N0CEL Ham Member QRZ Page

    As a firefighter/paramedic, and an active ham in our regional SKYWARN, this video should be a MUST SEE, for EVERYONE...not just other hams and first responders! Thank you for taking the time to produce this. Humerous, at times, but serious also. A lot of your bullet points could save (more) lives. Cheers and Best 73 Sir! Carl de NĂ˜CEL
  10. W4FID

    W4FID XML Subscriber QRZ Page


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