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HR2.0 - Amateur Radio Preparedness Act of 2024

Discussion in 'Amateur Radio News' started by KC5HWB, Feb 21, 2024.

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  1. KC5HWB

    KC5HWB Premium Subscriber QRZ Page

    There is a new bipartisan Act in Congress for Amateur Radio Preparedness and it should allow us to put up antenna on home that we own, instead of allowing the HOA Karens to tell us what we can do with our own property.

    Original Article:

    Legislation document:
    RIPON Advance Article:
    Contact your Senator:[LIST_EMAIL_ID]

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  2. KB7UXE

    KB7UXE Ham Member QRZ Page

    A private right of action, also known as a private cause of action,
    allows a person or organization to sue based on an alleged violation of the law.
    The goal is to seek relief to remedy the alleged violation.
    expresses your right to sue hoa for not allowing your antenna install.
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  3. W7DGJ

    W7DGJ Platinum Subscriber Platinum Subscriber QRZ Page

    I think that with all the current news about Chinese, Russian, N. Korean hackers attacking our infrastructure (today's news on AT&T hack) amateur radio should have ZERO restrictions as a safety net for US communications if the you-know-what hits the fan. Lets get ready NOW just in case, eh? Dave, W7DGJ (PS - re Photo. What does Randy Quaid smoking a cigar have to do with HOAs or ham radio?)
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  4. W2JLD

    W2JLD Ham Member QRZ Page

    HOA= today's concentration camps
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  5. W7ASA

    W7ASA Ham Member QRZ Page

    Oh, I do hope that this passes. HOAs are a pariah in housing.

    Having to move a lot for my work before I retired, I used the clandestine approach to antennas and did well. I was never discovered (except once when I lived in a barracks, but that was on my last day, as I was taking it down to pack the wire.).
    1. Never mention that you are a ham radio operator. Suspicion is guilt for many people. Anything from TVI to flatulence will be blamed on your radio station.

    2. If they say 'no ham radio antennas, no clothes lines and etc.' allowed, assume they meant: ' we do not want to see it'. My invisible antennas and odd antennas like the magnetic loop were either never seen or recognised as ham radio antennas. Nobody had the slightest idea what the large 'hoola-hoop' was that came out of my storage shed/ham shack , occasionally ;-)


    3. A power cord going out to the little picnic table 'might' be a low random wire. Who knows.

    It is better to beg forgiveness than to ask permission.

    YMMV 73 de Ray ..._ ._
    Last edited: Feb 22, 2024
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  6. W7DGJ

    W7DGJ Platinum Subscriber Platinum Subscriber QRZ Page

    Here's what I wrote our two senators. Feel free to copy and paste.

    Senator, Today's news about the hack to telecommunications affecting AT&T and others is a concerning example of how China and other countries are developing the capability to totally disrupt US communications abilities. Amateur Radio has always served to provide the backup to regular communication channels, and there is little potential for ham radio to be hacked. During the Vietnam War, Arizona senator Barry Goldwater (himself a ham radio operator) allowed his station to provide "back home" communications for thousands of US soldiers. In the event of a catastrophic loss of cellular services or internet/television, Amateur radio is the backbone and safety net we need. Unfortunately, Home Owner Associations are taking away our ability to develop this safety net. Those moving into HOAs are increasingly told they can not put up any form of antenna on property they own. That's a horrible truth . . . you can't operate a radio without an antenna, and if you have no amateur radio operators in these communities, there is no safety net.

    I urge you to support the Amateur Radio Emergency Preparedness Act. Regards, etc.
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  7. W1YW

    W1YW Ham Member QRZ Page

    Certain Sim cards have the option,IMO, of being monitored based on some 'list'. IMO, likely this list was hacked and then erased. And then the carrier(s) re-loaded for recovery.

    Who comes up with that list?

    Well, ask why someone else would want it...,

    My phone was down. My wife's was not. Both the same ATT account.
    Last edited: Feb 22, 2024
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  8. WD4HMP

    WD4HMP Ham Member QRZ Page

    lol That's putting it lightly! Can't stand the neighborhood assoc Nazis, who've got nothing better in life, than to drive around their own neighborhoods, reporting on their own neighbors !
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  9. KQ4GUI

    KQ4GUI Ham Member QRZ Page

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  10. WD4HMP

    WD4HMP Ham Member QRZ Page

    In line with your thinking, I am wondering if HAM operators have a contingency form of communications, when faced with the next national crisis, that could very easily include another major incident, especially, with the upcoming election, the open boarders,etc. I think it would be expedient, that the HAM community be addressing these very real possibilities, with greatest urgency. just my "two cents" worth here.
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  11. KL7KN

    KL7KN Ham Member QRZ Page

    The HOAs have a bigger/better funded lobby group than hams. Not going to happen.
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  12. W2KS

    W2KS Premium Subscriber QRZ Page

    Hmmmm....that's a bit dramatic.
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  13. W7DGJ

    W7DGJ Platinum Subscriber Platinum Subscriber QRZ Page

    Chip, AT&T had us switch over to an "e-SIM card," totally in software with no card to slip into the slot. Is that better or worse for this hacking factor? Dave, W7DGJ
  14. W7DGJ

    W7DGJ Platinum Subscriber Platinum Subscriber QRZ Page

    You're probably right Don, but still worth the time to input on the individual level. That's what Ria was talking about in the piece she wrote on Trials and Errors about the ham community needing a political action arm, as the ARRL can't do it legally. Dave, W7DGJ
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  15. W7DGJ

    W7DGJ Platinum Subscriber Platinum Subscriber QRZ Page

    Wouldn't need it if we were using good, old fashioned analog voice modes, would we? The digital modes that interface with the Internet would go down, for sure. Dave, W7DGJ
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