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How to Grow Ham Radio Part 1

Discussion in 'Amateur Radio News' started by K8QS, Feb 26, 2021.

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  1. KE8NFK

    KE8NFK Ham Member QRZ Page

    IDK, maybe not charge damn near what you would pay for a BRAND NEW radio on 40+ year old radios that may or may not work, and not have the capabilities of the brand new radios, but those are the ONLY radios the average new ham can afford??
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  2. VK3FUR

    VK3FUR XML Subscriber QRZ Page

    " like to talk about things and women like to talk about people and relationships..." is not the reason women and youth are not in amateur radio. It's videos like this.
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  3. K8QS

    K8QS Ham Member QRZ Page

    The scholarly literature supports what I said. This is partly why women tend to go into so-called "caring" professions and men tend to go into technical fields. Interestingly, some of the best research on this has been done by feminist scholars, who conclude that women are indeed more relational than men. How much of this is nature vs. nurture is not entirely clear, but it is a consideration with respect to recruiting women into all technical fields and hobbies.
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  4. N1IPU

    N1IPU Premium Subscriber QRZ Page

    Always took issue with that myself.
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  5. VK3FUR

    VK3FUR XML Subscriber QRZ Page

    Except this isn't the case. I can point too many studies that show otherwise. Even if this was true (which it isn't) wouldn't amateur radio be great for those that want to chat all day? Based on the conversations I've heard on the air, I'd be under the impression men are the ones that prefer talking about relationships rather than "things"

    I've received so many emails and comments along the lines of "I gave up with amateur radio because of":
    - the way people talk on the repeater
    - I was treated poorly in clubs
    - no one took me seriously
    - I was made fun of
    - I don't want to be involved in a group that treats others like that
    - I was sick of listening to defamatory chat

    Even if your goal is to attract more old white men into the hobby, many don't want to join what has become a fairly misogynistic, racist platform. By making ham radio more welcoming and more accepting, more people will join and be active in the community. There are tons of really clever smart people in radio that don't want to even be associated with this community and we need to change that.

    Here's how I think we can actually grow ham radio:
    1. Shut up
    - Got a joke that's slightly sexist, racist or defamatory? don't say it. If you can't explain why it's funny to a 5 year old, then don't say it.
    - Don't support those that do. Tell them to stop
    - Stop using terms like young lady or old men. We are excluding huge amounts of people from joining the hobby from this one thing!
    2. Remove toxic members from the community
    - It only takes one member of your club to be making awkward jokes, or otherwise making someone feel uncomfortable to completely stop an entire group of people partaking in the hobby.
    - Implement code of conducts and enforce them.
    3. Give everyone fair representation.
    - When was the last time a woman talked at your club. Your goal should be 50%
    - When was the last time a person of colour talked at your club
    - When was the last time a person who identifies as LGBTQI talked at your club
    - When was the last time a person under 20...
    4. Remove barriers and gatekeeping
    - Stop with the "FT8 isn't real radio"
    - Try to make radio easier to get into for those with a disability, low/no income, those without a home

    Radio is a hobby anyone and everyone.
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  6. KI3T

    KI3T XML Subscriber QRZ Page

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  7. WA2LXB

    WA2LXB XML Subscriber QRZ Page

    We have two female hams in our association whose husbands are not hams. One is a nurse and the other is the wife of a professor. Both of them are in RACES because both community service and emergency preparedness interest them.

    We just got a new member recently, he is a staff scientist at a lab and wants to upgrade to General and do DX. We help all 3 of them to grow their passion in amateur radio by listening to them and matching them up to people with the right skill sets in our club. We don't have any nasty hams in our club...they are all helpful and happy.

    We long ago gave up trying to "grow" ham radio, and instead focus on mentoring/elmering/retaining and keeping it fun for those hams who find us.
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  8. KE0VT

    KE0VT Ham Member QRZ Page

    First, I like your video(s) and this one is pretty much on. 30's and 40's men these days are still raising kids. There are exceptions. Men in their fifty's can be empty nesters, usually have disposable income. So many live in
    HOA's like me. I have been a ham for 44 years now. Got away from the hobby for work mostly. Widowed in 2010, found a new love in 2013. She is the primary reason I am back on the air. Through the pandemic she felt
    like ham radio would give me something to do and she knew I enjoyed it in the past. When we bought our home I thought about the HOA rules but never dreamed that I would get interested again, that was 7+ years ago.

    Well, here I am. Back on the air, new station, new vanity call and new privileges. Many hams are returning through the same portal as me. Our club has increased its' ranks by 50% this last year. How to get them on and
    active has been tough. Turn out for zoom meetings is decent but we should have 60 or more. Maybe with in person coming back that can happen but we will have to make it hospitable.

    Introverted people make good candidates to some extent as they can remain sort of anonymous on the radio. Getting HOA compatible antennas will help, there are many but so many that have beams pooh pooh dipoles in
    the attic and discourage new hams. Isotron antennas work well in many attics, you can start inexpensively and add on as you get the money to do so. 3 bands on one feedline. HF conditions are pretty tough right now too
    or as I look at it, challenging.

    VK3FUR missed the boat. Clubs that are welcoming and genuinely interested in people and the hobby will and can thrive. I built a harmonica club from about an average turnout of 9 players to 30 and sometimes even 50
    just by making any player, extra class, advanced , general or beginner and encouraging them to constantly improve and making them feel at home in front of a microphone, playing the music they like and are wanting to
    share. We have black players, women, 90 year olds, teenagers and the common theme is the harmonica. It can be like that in a ham radio club too. You have to create that feeling of belonging, sharing all aspects even if
    YOU don't enjoy a particular aspect of the hobby.

    We have 2 nets a week and one is "The Hamlet Net" for new or returning hams. You'd be surprised how many extra class guys tune in and participate. Our second net is the old style "How are you tonight?" Not real
    interesting to new hams. I hope to spice it up with interesting opinions on various amateur radio themes including, how are you tonight?

    I will be looking forward to future videos on this subject.

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  9. WA2LXB

    WA2LXB XML Subscriber QRZ Page

    RE the HOA thing...we have a new ham who thought he wouldn't be able to get on HF because he lives in an apartment. I sent him the following links and told him that we'd be happy to help assess his situation and make suggestions. I also told him to check out if he wants to try to pounce on some DX.

    Here's a collection of sites that describe various HOA, small lot and apartment friendly options:
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  10. K1TA

    K1TA QRZ Lifetime Member #282 Platinum Subscriber Life Member QRZ Page

    How about talking about how we have too many people who can memorize tests and pass the easy Extra Class test and who cannot, or have not ever used ohms law?

    People who buy rigs and can't figure out how to use them. The hobby used to be a group of technically knowledgeable ladies and gentlemen.
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