How about a CW V.E.

Discussion in 'Amateur Radio News' started by Guest, Apr 9, 2001.

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    n6ajr writes "With all the excitement about the "code - no code" discussion, I have a simple proposal the might solve the problem. Lets get ARRL behind this idea and see if we can't get a CW Volunteer Examiner position started. This would be similar to the current V.E.'s that do such a great job for us now in doing the testing.

    Let us set up a test, certified with papers, to give those folks with the ability to work and enjoy code at 15 or 20 or 30 wpm the chance to show they know their procedures. We could have an open book test for the rules of certification and a real, 1 minute, no mistake copy session for each of the speeds that they are endorsed for.

    These folks would become a great resource for their respective clubs, and would act in the position of certified Elmers to folks who need to learn the code. This would give those who "do it the hard way" and are proud of their accomplishments ( as well they should be), a bit of recognition, and honor them for their willingness to share it with those folks whom have difficulty in aquiring proficienty in CW. We have had on the air code practice from the ARRL for years, this would be one step above that system.

    It would give you on the one hand, something to brag about, "I'm a certified CW VE at 40 wpm", and also be a great resource for amatuer radio. After all, this is not about radios, it is about PEOPLE who use radios. This might finally once and for all end the on going battle of keep the code, drop the code. We could even give extra points in a contest for some one who worked a certified CW VE. There are possibilities with this to be explored.

    This article is authored in hopes of bringing about a dicussion with the thought of giving every one a chance to shine in the service of amatuer radio. I appreciate your indulgence .



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