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Discussion in 'Amateur Radio News' started by Guest, Jan 5, 2001.

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    n7uo writes "Perhaps through our varied employments and military experiences, we've been acclimatized to sensitivies concerning our rank, station, or position. (It's a fill in the blanks statement, and you should feel welcome to put your own answer into the blank.)

    QRZ has presented all of us, irrespective of our "rank" an equal ground to express our personal insights into this enammering hobby. How we choose to use it, I assume, is up to us. Repeatedly, as I review the writings, and their responses, I note with consternation that a remote few, probably the same ones that debilitated a once disciplined CB trust, feel compelled to negatively respond to the writings.

    Often on the HF bands, I hear commentary about the "he's just a Tech" or "general" and I am angered by their diminished insight. Without question, two individuals, who I will identify only as Mel and Ralph, are the two most informed, best educated, and dedicated amateurs I have known. Their insight into the technical perspective of this hobby bounds on the miraculous. They are General and Technician+ respectively, yet truely the technicians that we turn to, seeking resolution to our technical problems. Everyone of us has known one or more of these electronic wizards, who not only effortlessly field the questions presented on 2 meter technical nets, but also personally have dedicated their knowledge to improving the amateur community.

    Amateur radio isn't about "rank" and it isn't about geographical boundaries, or religious belief. It is about a huge resource of world emissaries who share their life style, their technical knowledge, and their friendships with whomever answer's their CQ. It's about learning about this world from amateurs who have struggled to pass their countries tests, paid their dues, and irrespective of their governmental biases, meet with us as individuals.

    For those of you who have a "rank," I must share a personal experience of many years ago. I attended a Navy Officer's Wives meeting with an Admiral. During that meeting, he explained to the wives that he wanted to conduct an experiment. He asked the wives to line up according to their rank. We both noted that one wife, who was married to a Lieutenant-Commander refused to join into the experiment. When the Admiral asked her why she hadn't put herself into the rank structure, she responded in a soft voice: "Why Admiral, my rank is mother, wife, friend, but it is not what my husband's rank is. Militarily, I don't have a rank." This pleased the Admiral, who had seen the rank oriented strife within the club debilitate the wonderful accomplishments that it had acquired during the past years.

    We're Amateur Radio Operators, Not Extra-Class, Advanced Class, General Class, Technician+ Class, Technician Class, nor Novice Class operators. We are not licensed to do battle with the CB community, and this forum isn't, by design, a forum encouraging diminishment of those questions, comments, or ideologies of those using it. Striving together, we can become the catalyst that binds this highly skilled and diverse community.

    w. Pritchett N7UO"
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