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Hamvention and ARISS work together

Discussion in 'Amateur Radio News' started by G4TUT, May 14, 2019.

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  1. G4TUT

    G4TUT Ham Member QRZ Page

    Hamvention and ARISS work together

    The Amateur Radio on the International Space Station team (ARISS) is pleased to announce that it is working together again with Hamvention this year. Hamvention’s 2019 theme is, “Mentoring the Next Generation.”

    ARISS’s mission is all about mentoring and inspiring. Tens of thousands of people have been touched by the program: students, educators, community members, and new hams--all wanting to explore STEM and Amateur Radio through ARISS.

    Hamvention’s support to ARISS began with approval for their first-ever ARISS Forum; it is Friday at 1:15-2:15 PM in Room 3. A group of speakers will present current and future lifelong learning activities for hams and students via ARISS SSTV, APRS, voice repeaters, radio experiments and robots.

    Attendees will hear about the next gen on-orbit hardware systems, updates on school activities, ARISS’s visionary initiative to fly ham radio on the human spaceflight lunar Gateway, how to maximize hams’ opportunities to make ARISS connections and listen to the ISS crew in home stations, and meet special guests.

    Hamvention will boost up ARISS by once again featuring a special ticket-drawing just minutes before the convention’s famous Sunday drawing for bonus prizes. One ticket will be pulled from the drum for a lucky person to win an ARISS display case with coins.
    ARISS donated two ARISS Challenge Coins positioned side by side, showcased in a handsome wooden case with a brass plate. A challenge coin is the premium received by donors who give $100 or more to ARISS; the case allows the view of each of the coin’s sides. The winning ticket will be tossed in the drum for a chance at all other prizes. 2019

    Hamvention Prize Committee Chair Liz Clinc, KE8FMJ, wrote,
    “I will give you [ARISS] the same spot [at Sunday’s prize event] as in previous years. As a collector of challenge coins, myself, I think this is a fabulous thing you do.”

    The ARISS team welcomes Hamvention-goers at the ARISS booth in Building 1. A version will be featured of the Multi-Voltage Power Supply (MVPS) that ARISS will launch to replace the current aging ISS amateur radio station. ARISS hopes to boost its 2019 fund-raising campaign to help with the expensive space-rated parts required to finish building the MVPS units, and some costs of continuing ARISS operations. When Hamvention visitors donate $10, they will receive a new ARISS lapel pin and a chance in a raffle to win an ARISS Challenge Coin--the winning ticket to be drawn at the booth, 10:30 AM Sunday; the winner need not be present.

    For those unable to travel to Xenia, readers can donate any amount right now by going to And surprise—if you donate after May 16 on, an anonymous benefactor will match your amount dollar for dollar, for which ARISS is very grateful. The match ends July 17, 2019.

    ARISS thanked everyone on the Hamvention staff whose efforts are aiding ARISS in its publicity and fund-raising goals. ARRL ARISS-US Delegate Rosalie White, K1STO, added: “We are so pleased and proud to know that Hamvention believes in the ARISS team and its goals of inspiring and mentoring STEM and Amateur Radio.”

    About ARISS

    Amateur Radio on the International Space Station (ARISS) is a cooperative venture of international amateur radio societies and the space agencies that support the International Space Station (ISS). In the United States, sponsors are the Radio Amateur Satellite Corporation (AMSAT), the American Radio Relay League (ARRL), the ISS National Lab and National Aeronautics and Space Administration (NASA).

    The primary goal of ARISS is to promote exploration of science, technology, engineering, and mathematics (STEM) topics by organizing scheduled contacts via amateur radio between crew members aboard the ISS and students in classrooms or public forms. Before and during these radio contacts, students, educators, parents, and communities learn about space, space technologies, and amateur radio. For more information, see

    Also join us on Facebook: Amateur Radio on the International Space Station (ARISS)

    Follow us on Twitter: ARISS_status


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  2. KA8VNG

    KA8VNG Ham Member QRZ Page

    Love tracking & listening to the ISS
  3. WB9AZA

    WB9AZA Ham Member QRZ Page

    Its is unfortunate that there seems to be a lack of interest with one on one contacts with ISS since the days of Col. Wheelock. "Wheels" enjoyed talking to individual hams on two meter FM simplex with simple rigs and antennas.It was a contact I will always remember.
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  4. KC0UUF

    KC0UUF XML Subscriber QRZ Page

    there might be more interest if ARISS would stay up and running and had a much more user friendly site so people could actually attempt to enjoy this opportunity.... To me everyone want to try and move into a new generation and the ARISS info is all still set in a 90's based web theme and never really updated with system status.
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  5. UR3QTN

    UR3QTN Ham Member QRZ Page

    How true it all says! No matter how called ISS - zero! Someone answers strange questions: what they eat, where they sleep, have they seen aliens? Like it is impossible to find out about it on the Internet. And qso will take place, probably, when I become old ham man, hi
  6. KI6PMD

    KI6PMD Ham Member QRZ Page

    Please go on AMSAT web and you might find more info on the ISS ! you must remember they are very busy up there doing the mission ! I miss QSO's on the Space Shuttle missions ! Happy Days well most of them. And please give the Satellites a try ! 73' KI6PMD..
  7. UR3QTN

    UR3QTN Ham Member QRZ Page

    Happy Days well most of them. And please give the Satellites a try ! 73' KI6PMD..
    Thank. Only I am already tired of everything on FM satellites. Who wanted - spent a long time qso and even received a card. Leader in ES6SW links - 217 qso in my log. I would like to have qso with the astronauts already. 73!
  8. W9VTT

    W9VTT Premium Subscriber QRZ Page

  9. CM2JSD

    CM2JSD Ham Member QRZ Page

    That´s wonderful, I had heard to ISS at my home, from Havana City. Go Ahead!!! Good Luck. 73´S. CM2JSD. julio César
  10. KE0SSM

    KE0SSM XML Subscriber QRZ Page

    Have been trying for many months impossible to contact them if they dont turn the radios on...and yes I acount for the time difference and the fact that they have projects

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