Gaithersburg Hamfest Vehicle Photo 9 Sept 1984

Discussion in 'Hamfest Reports' started by N4DLA, Aug 26, 2020.

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  1. N4DLA

    N4DLA Ham Member QRZ Page

    This 1968 Cadillac ambulance, re-purposed in what appears to be a camouflaged stunt double for a similar vehicle featured in the movie Ghostbusters, was parked at the Montgomery County, Maryland fairgrounds during the Foundation for Amateur Radio's hamfest in Gaithersburg, Maryland on September 9, 1984. The vehicle later moved to the tailgate area.

    The seller was referred to as "Johan" but I don't recall if the vehicle had call letter license plates (front license plate is blocked with something that looks like a parachute pack but may have been a generator) so I don't know if it belonged to an amateur radio operator or not.

    Anyone know who "Johan" was? Did anyone encounter this vehicle at other Maryland area hamfests during this time period?
    Johan vehicle Gaithersburg hamfest 9Sept1984.jpg
  2. WB3BEL

    WB3BEL Ham Member QRZ Page

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  3. WA2CWA

    WA2CWA Ham Member QRZ Page

    in the late 90's or early 2000's a hearse appeared at the Gaithersburg Hamfest and was parked in the AM Corral area. It belonged to Tim, WA1HLR.
    For equipment it included Gonset Twins and an 813 amplifier along with an 75 meter antenna.


    Gaithersburg Hamfest was a Sunday hamfest that started on Saturday and the Rolling Rock Hour started around 10PM. It was mainly an AM crew participating but sidebanders did join in the festivities. Those were the days! Sleeping in your car, on your car, under your car, etc. much too much beer and lots of early morning coffee.

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  4. K3XR

    K3XR Ham Member QRZ Page

    Oh yes, the famous Cadaverlac. I recall going to Gaithersburg as far back as the '70s I guess early to mid-'70s. It was a well-attended hamfest. In addition to the AM gang, some of the military radio collectors also gathered.
  5. N2EY

    N2EY XML Subscriber QRZ Page

    It belonged to Harold Chasen for a while.

    But then he got the XKE.
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