FCC Levies Fine Against Illegal CB Amp Salesman

Discussion in 'Amateur Radio News' started by Guest, Jan 8, 2001.

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    George/AB0PO writes "Hi, Just wanted to inform those who dabble in the sale, trade, or manufacture of so-called "export" linear CB amplifiers and radios, that the FCC has levied a fine of $7000 against Exports R US of Pineville, Louisiana.

    The owner has 30 days to respond to the charge of knowingly offering for sale an external linear amplifier capable of exceeding the 4 watt output limit for CB radio use.

    Folks, the FCC is taking action against the sale of illegal "export" CB amplifiers and "export" CB radios, and reguardless of all the comments to the contrary, they are also monitoring the internet auction sites to see who is trying to buy or sell this stuff online. This is an aggressive and unprecedented action by Riley Hollingsworth, head of the FCC.

    eBay has agreed to cooperate and allow the FCC to monitor ads of "suspicious" nature that contain CB amplifiers and export radios. eBay has also agreed to turn over to the FCC the email address and ALL personal information in their databases of the people responsible for the ads. Just in case you don't believe me, you can verify this by going to the ARRL website and reading the 01-05-01 ARRL Newsletter, and by reading the past few issues of QST.

    Have a nice and legal day,

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