Do We Need an Alternative to the ARRL?

Discussion in 'Amateur Radio News' started by Guest, May 28, 2001.

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    K7TUT writes "I was greatful for many of the comments on my last article but I think some missed the point. For that I apologize as I should have made it more clear. Here is the message in the bottle:

    1. Ham Radio is not dead but it is changing. If that change is for the better, than do nothing, If that change is for the worse, then get up and do something about it..

    2. If the ARRL is being effective, support them and if not, create an organization that is more effective. How many really understand the ARRL and what they do or dont do? How many of us know what they are in existance for?

    3. I was not attacking Kachina but was trying to make the point that people with visibility and stature in the Amateur community should not make statements as was reported without showing the facts. Just reading about the demise of amateur radio here on QRZ does not equal a demise. When companies like Kachina or others make a decision to quit the industry because of a perceived demise, they should back it up with facts. They have no requirement to give us facts but if they make statements like they did (if it was really written by a VP of Kachina) then facts become important. Attacks on Kachina are non-productive and I would have made the same statements about any person from any of the manufacturers whether they quit the industry or were just explaining why their prices were being raised. Again, support the statements with facts or expect people like me to get a little fired up. I personally believe that they had a great product, it just wasn't for me and it was ahead of its time. And if my comments seemed like I was attacking them personally, I apologize as that was never the intent.

    4. The most important part of the message I was trying to convey was to be passionate about this hobby, get off your haunches if you are and make a difference. The alternative is to quit and find another hobby as some have.

    I have made a conscious decsion or maybe its an unconscious decision to sit up and do something and its your fault! Your responses to my articles and your passion to agree or disagree has caused me to either "put up" or "shut up". I am going to look into possibly forming an organization. Since it has just come to me, you are the first to hear about it and express your opinion as to whether it is something that you would or would not support. Keep in mind that I have not decided to pursue this yet as I need your reaction and opinions as well as I need to gather alot of information first.
    Responses from ths website is not enough but merely an indicator.

    My idea is that we need an organization to preserve amateur radio through promoting the hobby more and by representation . If that sounds like what the ARRL is supposed to do; I agree but it would not necessarily be designed to compete with the ARRL but to assist it by being another set of eyes and ears to the amateur community. I am not sure if they have lost touch with us or whether there are just a few of us that believe they may not be doing everything that needs to be done. If competition is required, so be it.

    There may be an organization already designed to do this and if there is we need not re-invent the wheel but instead need to support it. I have briefly looked at the American Amateur Radio Association ( and have found them to have a good mission and goals. It seems like they are doing some good but I found that their website to be somewhat primitive as compared to todays standards and some areas are confusing to me. Of course, that may not surprize some of you as some of you think I am confused anyway. Ha! Take a look at their site and tell me what your thoughts are? Please bear in mind that I have not talked to this organization yet but I plan to.

    Let me hear from you loud and clear. If not an organization, then what? If an organization, what should its mission and goals be? If there is an organiztion already doing the job, lets support them! If the ARRL is doing the job, lets support them! If no one is, let's create one that will.

    Ladies and Gentlemen, it is your hobby and what is becomes is up to all of us. I an not interested in setting up the K7TUT organization for the betterment and edification of K7TUT. As a matter of fact I really do not want to start an organization but it seems like it might be needed. Let me know.

    Lastly, I want to thank KD5TL/6, Tom, who reminded me in an email of the importance of this weekend simply by wishing my family and I a wonderful Memorial Day and signing it Semper Fi. As a Vet, my biggest passion is to the men and women who have fought and died so that you and I can do what we are doing here; using those rights and freedoms that we many times take for granted. This weekend and especially on Monday, fly the Flag proudly, thank a Vet for serving and thank anyone you know that has someone who died while in the service for their sacrafice. Those that died for us and their families is what Memorial Day is all about. For those who are reading this and fall into any of these areas, THANK YOU and God bless you. 73 de K7TUT"
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