Convergence of Windows NT/2000 and Windows 98/ME

Discussion in 'Amateur Radio News' started by Guest, Nov 2, 2000.

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    KC0IPH writes

    Microsoft today released to a select group of (200,000) developers the first "convergence" windows operating system software. Code named Whistler, it will be the next generation software package for Windows NT/2000 and Windows 98/ME users. It also is the first Windows operating system release to contain 64 bit support.

    More information is available at http://www.micr

    General availablity is scheduled for second half 2001.

    Information is also available at http:/ /

    Are you one of the (SELECT) 200,000? Wow!


    QRZ Editor (AA7BQ) writes

    No, I'm not one of the selected few. I'm not disappointed
    either. The likelyhood of this version containing something
    I can actually use is small. Their greatest concern
    at present is getting something to compile that won't
    immediately crash when you try and run your 15 year old
    DOS version of Dungeons and Dragons on it.

    It's a shame that they're still saddled with 20 year old
    junk like DOS and can't shake that nasty flypaper off their
    fingers. With a show of hands, how many people think that
    the backslash key is in a handy position for touch typing?
    Can anybody tell me what the CAPS LOCK key is for? I've
    been in computing for 20 years and still can't figure it
    out. I whipped out my pocket knife and popped the cap
    off of my keyboard and stuffed a pencil eraser down the
    hole to stop it from getting accidentally set on my machine.
    Doesn't it seem odd that even with NT/2000 you still can't
    display long file names in an MSDOS Command Window?

    The team of Gates kool-aid drinkers desperately want to
    compress their two development
    teams (Windows and NT) down to one to save money. Their
    64bit support is nothing short of a big yawn - I challenge
    anybody to prove to me that they need 64 bits to solve
    a particular problem. 64 bits sounds twice as good as
    32 bits, but, that's the rub - it isn't. It's twice as
    big, but, the speed will be about as fast - or slower, for
    most applications. You will have the power to finally
    calculate numbers larger than 4 billion without making
    two memory fetches. That will sure help me with my Quicken.
    Actually, it might help Bill Gates.

    Here's how the development works. Take Windows 2000 and
    add enough hacks to it so that it won't crash on stupid
    DOS on Windows 3.1 progams. Never mind that this crud
    will slow down native 32-bit applications, just get it done.
    Next, slap a big NEW! label on the box and call it Windows 3000
    so that you will actually be able to deliver a product before
    its name becomes obsolete.

    Can't wait for the new edition? Don't worry.
    Windows Mediocrity will arrive in computer stores soon enough.

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