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Bright Region Fireworks & Chance for Aurora | Solar Storm Forecast 05.18.2020

Discussion in 'Amateur Radio News' started by KB7TBT, May 19, 2020.

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  1. KB7TBT

    KB7TBT Ham Member QRZ Page

    Bright Region Fireworks & Chance for Aurora | Solar Storm Forecast 05.18.2020
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  2. GM4BRB

    GM4BRB Ham Member QRZ Page

    "Come get certified at Miller University ..."
  3. K0UO

    K0UO Platinum Subscriber Platinum Subscriber QRZ Page

    But sorry atill no sun spots, maybe Es
    2020 is just as bad as 2019!!!!

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  4. NJ1S

    NJ1S Ham Member QRZ Page

    speaking the truth. its to bad
  5. KA1BSZ

    KA1BSZ Ham Member QRZ Page

    boring propagation....exciting episodes of " law & order, svu ".
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  6. WA7NTL

    WA7NTL Ham Member QRZ Page

    God's punishment for doing away with the code requirement.
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  7. KA1BSZ

    KA1BSZ Ham Member QRZ Page

    at least the far east has been coming in on 40,30 and 20 meters in the mornings here in Vermont. That hasn't happened in a couple of years. There seems to be a little more dx on on those bands lately than there was in the past couple years. Maybe this is an indication of the next cycle? Worked my first JAPAN contact in 3 years last Saturday 5/16/20.
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  8. K6DWI

    K6DWI Ham Member QRZ Page

    I don't get much in the way of Europe but I get at least a dozen Far East/Asia/Russia contacts daily
  9. W9VTT

    W9VTT Premium Subscriber QRZ Page

    i only play radios at night
  10. W0PV

    W0PV Ham Member QRZ Page

    Maybe E-skip is right! The Magic Band of 50 MHz has been hoppin' quite well lately.

    Late this afternoon from west central Gulf coast FL a QSO was made with JA (7297.3 mi) on FT8 running 80w (IC-7300) to a sloping thin dipole wire, high end at 30ft, fed with 150ft of lossy old badly spliced RG-8X. I hate to think what the EIRP was ... :eek:

    Dr. Skov WX6SWW ought to put some effort into understanding, explaining and even prediciting Sporadic E layer propagation. Never heard her even mention it. :(

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