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Bill LEAHY, K0ZL of B&B Technical Services SK

Discussion in 'Silent Keys / Friends Remembered' started by K6AER, Feb 3, 2009.

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  1. N0VK

    N0VK Ham Member QRZ Page

    Will miss KØZL

    I called CQ on 10.106 and heard a 599 reply from KØZL. He sent "Hello neighbor"! 10 miles away was 'real DX!":D
    He fixed my radios and charged very fair... "No price for you, Pastor!"
    He loved to play old hymns on his guitar. Our visits would be consumed by both of us strumming and singing... "On a hill far away, stood and Old rugged Cross...."
    Bonnie, Bill's YL, desires our prayers for strength.
    All are invited to the funeral as soon as arrangements are made!

  2. W6KM

    W6KM Subscriber QRZ Page

    How sad to hear of Bill,s passing.

    Like many, I know Bill by having had repairs made to my rig. Also had the pleasure of one on the air QSO. I, like many hundreds of Hams will miss this fine man. Hundreds will have not yet heard of Bill,s demise but I am sure they will also miss the man that made us all proud to be called a Ham. Our thoughts go out to Bonnie and all his family. R.I.P. Dick,W6KM
  3. N0DRC

    N0DRC Ham Member QRZ Page


    The following is the original news story from the Denver Post.
    Further details as to when and where services will be help for Bill K0ZL (SK) will be posted as soon as that information is available to us.

    73 de N0DRC

    Dustin Cox, N0DRC
    Last edited: Feb 7, 2009
  4. W7VJ

    W7VJ XML Subscriber QRZ Page

    It was chilling to read of Bill's death. I had a wonderful QSO with Bill this weekend for the first time! My deepest regrets and sympathy to Bill's family. The quality of his character showed through in our contact. 73, Bill.
  5. N2OGK

    N2OGK Premium Subscriber QRZ Page

    Ham Radio lost a good friend!

    I am shocked to hear about Bill's passing. He had just finished a complicated cable and diagram for me for the Expert to work with Elecraft's K3 and HRD. I posted these files last month which Bill wrote up for eveyone's use. Maybe to honer his memory we could read the article he wrote and take his advice:
    He will be missed!!!
    Dave, N2OGK
  6. W0MTZ

    W0MTZ Ham Member QRZ Page

    k0zl RIP Dear Friend

    Bill, I did not get the chance to say good bye in person, But I do want you to know I really thank God for putting you in my path, you and Bonnie both treated me very kindly and in fact even made me as part of the family. Cousin Bill you will always be in our heart and in our mind, Thank you for showing, and teaching us so much. Not only where you a great radio tech. you where a dear friend to many many people from all over the globe. 73 my friend GOD BLESS, WE WILL SEE EACH OTHER AGAIN IN PARADISE.
    Prayer for Bonnie, and the rest of the FAMILY. :(
  7. KD8GEH

    KD8GEH XML Subscriber QRZ Page

    A great guy

    Never actually talked to Bill, but many many postings with him on the Yahoo groups for Kenwood. His kindness and Elmering has helped me repair many a radio on my own. I try be as kind to others in the hobby and pass on knowledge to others as freely as he did for me.

    73 and rest well my friend,
    KD8GEH Dave
  8. ZL4AI

    ZL4AI Ham Member QRZ Page

    the world will miss Bill's brillant contribution!

    So sorry to hear when one of the great contributors to this world has misfortune.
    Bill did contribute something very signnificant to the development of the TS-940 [cooling + others], and the world will miss his brillant contribution!

    Have read so many valuable contributions by Bill. We have a lot to thank him for.

    Jeff King ZL4AI: Author of TS-940 page
  9. WE5GNF

    WE5GNF Ham Member QRZ Page

    So sad, a great loss

    I had spoken to Bill once about a technical problem with a rig I had. He was very friendly and gave me the information I needed. No strings attached. I am so sorry for the loss of this fine gentleman. I will pray for his wife and family in this time of sorrow. May Bill rest in peace.
    73 Bill.....
  10. K0COM

    K0COM XML Subscriber QRZ Page

    Exceptional Ham

    We just had Bill and his wife Bonnie attend our last Mile High DX Association meeting to show members the SPE amplifier. Bill's ability to lead all of us through the finer details of the unit was exceptional. Very rarely have I met someone with such a high level of technical knowledge and experience to have the ability to communicate so effectively with hams at all levels.

    My favorite QSO with Bill was on FM simplex while I was at the top of Pikes Peak with my HT. I made a CQ on .52 simplex and Bill came right back to me from his QTH in Lakewood. Thrilled me to no end.

    My thoughts and prays are with his family.

    M. Sell
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