Baofeng GT-5R.... "Legal" Model

Discussion in 'Amateur Radio News' started by WJ6F, May 21, 2021.

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  1. N9AED

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    §97.315 Certification of external RF power amplifiers.
    Subpart J—Equipment Authorization Procedures
    SOURCE: 39 FR 5919, Feb. 15, 1974, unless otherwise noted.

    §2.1043 Changes in certificated equip- ment.
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    § 2.1202 Exclusions.
    § 2.1204 Import conditions.

    § 15.23 Home-built devices.
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    (edit: 1.903 doesn’t seem to apply)
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    In case you were wondering why Part 90 transceivers don’t have VFOs and why it’s so hard to program Motorola radios:
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  6. N3HGB

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    The violator here is the seller. The ham that purchases it can use it all day long.
    Is it legal for truck stops to sell "CB" radios that have AM/FM/USB/LSB and have "extra" channels extending past 29 MHz and down to 26 MHz? No - hell no!
    Is it legal to buy one and use it on 10 meters? Sure it is.
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  7. BG6HJO

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  8. NU4G

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    Those are very encouraging words for those out there that want an inexpensive radio to get started with...
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  9. K5ATA

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    Thanks for that Craig and Gary! I just do my bit... a lot of the support actually comes from the viewers on YouTube in the form of gear, finances, etc. It's all about the Padawans!
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  10. KD3Y

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    For what it's worth, I never would've taken the Technician exam if it hadn't been for that "Baoturd" a buddy gave me. Of course, once I understood I needed a license to talk on it, then my interest in ham radio started. All I knew about ham radio was one needed a license to talk, and you push the button to talk. I never would've went out and bought a $800 icom just to "try out" Ham radio. I'd heard of Ham radio all my life, assumed it would take $10,000 to get into it, and assumed it was just for techie geeks who just wanted to sit around all day fooling around with wires and soldering together electrical thingy's.

    I also instruct banjo. When I first started out decades ago, my first banjo was a POS $200 banjo. It really sucked. But I didn't know enough about playing banjo to understand why it sucked. Eventually I progressed enough in my playing ability that I understood why it sucked. So my next banjo was a $1200 banjo. It sucked less, but it matched by playing ability. Today I play a $5,000 Huber. I wouldn't advise any of my students who have never held a banjo before to go buy a $5,000 banjo. That just doesn't make sense. 3/4 of them would decide banjo just isn't for them, and then they have a ton of money tied up in a banjo that is a $3,000 banjo on the used instrument market.

    The advantage of a Baofeng, is it gives newbies (like me) a chance to try out ham radio. If they find Ham radio isn't for them, then they're out thirty bucks. Not a big deal. It cost me more than that to get my scuba tanks filled. If they find it is for them, then their natural desire will be to "upgrade" eventually to something that has more than 5 watts and more range than a few miles. I can say that because I was there one time. The newbie mindset is either, "My Baofeng is cool, but I want something COOLER! I want to be able to talk to someone in Raleigh, not just someone three houses down." or it's, "This is boring, I'll just call my friend in Raleigh on my cell phone or PM him on facebook."

    Attitudes like yours are what kills young interest in the hobby. I still get the "nose stuck up in the air" from some Hams when I tell them I have that Baofeng UV-R5. In my short time of being licensed, I've met more snobs in Ham radio than any other hobby I have. To some Hams if you don't have a 100 foot tower in your back yard, and extra license and a spare bedroom with 3 radios worth 10 grand and thousands of dollars worth of spare parts and tools, then you're not a Ham. And believe me, there are plenty of scuba snobs out there.
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