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  1. RW1CX

    RW1CX Ham Member QRZ Page

    We are honoured to invite you to participate in "ATCC Open 2012" Contest - RUSSIA.
    -first tour from 15:00 UTC to 18:59 UTC

    -second tour from 05:00 UTC to 08:59 UTC

    We will try to make interesting and attractive!
    “ATCC OPEN-2012” Contest- rules.
    1. Founders: Amateur Tosno Contest Club.
    2. Date:
    2012-Oct-20 (Saturday) - first period (from 15:00:00 UTC to 18:59:59 UTC).
    15:00:00-15:59:59 UTC -1st round
    16:00:00-16:59:59 UTC- 2nd round
    17:00:00-17:59:59 UTC- 3rd round
    18:00:00-18:59:59 UTC- 4th round
    2012-Oct-21 (Sunday) – second period (from 05:00:00 UTC to 08:59:59 UTC).
    05:00:00-05:59:59 UTC -5th round
    06:00:00-06:59:59 UTC -6th round
    07:00:00-07:59:59 UTC -7th round
    08:00:00-08:59:59 UTC -8th round
    3. Bands: 80M;40M;20M.
    according to the IARU Contest Band plan.
    4. Mode: Only CW.
    5. Calling practice in the contest:
    All amateur stations: “ATCC test".
    6. Categories:
    A. SOMB-CW-HP-Guests of ATCC
    B. SOMB-CW-LP-Guests of ATCC
    C. SOMB-CW-QRP-Guests of ATCC
    D. SOMB-CW-HP-Members of ATCC
    E. SOMB-CW-LP-Members of ATCC
    F. SOMB-CW-QRP-Members of ATCC
    G. MOMB-CW
    H. “OVER-50”
    I. “ROOKIE-17”
    J. “YL/XYL”
    K. SWL
    7. Numbers exchange:
    Members of ATCC send character report consisting of a signal report RST plus a (one-three digit) number your member of ATCC.
    For example: (R8MC-599 123; SP2LNW-599 13; UA1CEC-599 3).
    Other stations send character report consisting of a signal report RST plus a (two digit) your
    WW-section (World Wide Squares)
    For example: (HA1YI-599 JN; ON3ND-599 JO; RD9CX-599 MO).
    8. Participants: Amateur radio stations around the world.
    9. Points:
    QSO with own country count-1 point;
    QSO with a different country in the same continent-2 points;
    QSO with a different continent-3 points;
    QSO with a member of ATCC- 5 points.
    10. Multipliers:
    Each different WW-section worked on each bands and each different number a member of ATCC on each band gives 1 point for multiplier.
    SWL have not multipliers.
    11. Final score:
    The total number of QSO points on all bands times the total number of multipliers
    worked on all bands.
    12. E-logs:
    Send as attached fill to: atcclub-open@rambler.ru
    In the field “subject” of your e-mail letter it is necessary to mention your call.
    For example: RX1XXX SOAB-LP.
    In the field SOAPBOX: necessary to show: RIG; PWR; ANT, as your comments and wishes.
    13. Awards:
    Special plates for different categories 1st place winners are founded.
    Certificates to the first 3 stations in the category.
    All participants who have logs will receive E-mailed “Virtual certificates” for ATCC OPEN-2012-contest.
    14. Deadline:
    All logs must be E-mailed to: atcclub-open@rambler.ru no later than 2012-Oct-28.
    Best regards,73`s! ATCC Contest committee.
    Respectfully yours, ATCC Open Contest Referees Committee.
    E-MAIL: atcclub-open@rambler.ru
    UA1CEC, RW1CX, R7AO. 73&88!!!
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