ARRL to LARC: Board Vote not an Endorsement

Discussion in 'Amateur Radio News' started by Guest, Oct 27, 2000.

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    KB3DXS writes:

    In correspondence received by Lambda Amateur Radio Club (LARC) officials,
    American Radio Relay League (ARRL) Executive Vice president Dave Sumner,
    K1ZZ has addressed concerns raised by LARC relative to the League's desire
    for closer cooperation with the Boy Scouts of America (BSA).

    The BSA has
    come under intense pressure to drop their anti-gay discriminatory policy,
    which excludes gay boys and men from scouting. LARC has sought a public
    statement from the League to the effect that the closer cooperation that the
    ARRL wants with the Scouts did not extend to an endorsement of the BSA's
    anti-gay discriminatory policy.

    In addressing LARC's request, Sumner wrote:
    <blockquote>"Given the chronology of the
    Supreme Court decision and the ARRL Board's expression of its desire for an
    expanded relationship with BSA (and lest we forget, GSA -- which, as far as
    I know, has no parallel policy) I think LARC's desire, as an ARRL affiliated
    club, for confirmation that this was not intended as an endorsement of the
    BSA policy is entirely understandable.The Board's action was not, nor was it
    intended to be interpreted as, an endorsement of the policy. I have said
    this to a number of members who have asked. I have also had to point out to
    a number of people that, contrary to independent press reports, (LARC) did
    not ask that the League sever its ties with BSA. It's unfortunate that that
    erroneous idea got loose."

    LARC, founded in 1975, is a public service amateur radio club whose members arepredominately lesbian and gay. LARC is an ARRL Affiliated Club.

    LARC Contact: Jim Kelly, KK3K (
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