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Anonymous Postings Banned

Discussion in 'Amateur Radio News' started by Guest, Jan 15, 2001.

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  1. Guest

    Guest Guest

    January 15, 2001

    As of today, anonymous posting to our article sections have
    has been disabled. We regret having to take this action, however,
    there were a number of cases of recent abuse, some of which
    was intolerable....

    While we strongly support free speech, allowing anonymity
    seems to give rise to anarchy.

    A recent spite of profanity, racisim, and slander has shown
    that our hobby has its share of miscreants.
    This led us to decide that rather than assign a volunteer
    to police these postings 24 hours per day that it would make
    more sense to disallow anonymous postings altogether.

    Sadly, this means that unless you're willing to identify
    yourself then your voice isn't going to be heard at QRZ.COM.

    Some people have refused to register for fear of QRZ abusing
    their privacy and/or sending them junk mail. Once again,
    for the record, here is the general QRZ junk mail (a.k.a. spam) policy:
    [*]QRZ has never sent a single piece of junk mail
    [*]QRZ has never allowed any other junk mailer to use
    its email address lists

    [*]QRZ will not sell its list of email addresses
    [*]QRZ does permit users to maintain a private email address
    on file that is not shown to other users and is used
    only to contact the user regarding his QRZ login account.

    [*]QRZ uses "cookies" to keep track of your identity as
    you move from page to page on the site.

    QRZ does not store
    any personal information about you whatsoever with
    cookies. No user has ever been compromised from our
    use of cookies. Some of our advertisers use cookies
    in their ads, which we have no control over. These
    are only used so that the advertisers can tell if you've
    seen their ad before.[/b]
    So, if you've been posting anonymously because you don't
    want to register, then, it's time to reconsider. Otherwise,
    your voice won't be heard.


    Fred Lloyd, AA7BQ

    Founder, QRZ.COM
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