A quick QSL Card from your PC

Discussion in 'Amateur Radio News' started by Guest, Oct 10, 2000.

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    Fred Finster writes "Hello Ken K8PAO,

    A Long Time ago, on HeathKit Majordomo list, you put out an idea for making QSL cards on a printer. I thought it was a great idea and happened to be using a nifty shareware drawing program "Mayura Draw" that could place a BMP picture anywhere on the sheet of paper.
    http://www.mayura.com I saw that I could modify your idea to the
    point that anybody with access to the web could create their own
    personalize QSL card starting from a simple example.

    I put on one of my webpages your original 100K byte
    jpeg image from that HeathKit mailing list at www.qth.com and gave credit to you, Ken. I also put a Mayura Draw example source file "*.PDX" for Amateurs to make their own QSL card just like you suggested, Ken.


    Download the Mayura Draw Shareware. Great for Drawing little
    colored diagrams. Can export out .eps files for inclusion in MS Word Docutments. Mayura Draw Can also directly create Adobe Acrobat .pdf files for publishing on the Web or sending to your friends to print

    Next, download the QSL card starter source file "QSL_Heathkit.PDX" and edit away inside the Mayura Draw program. Change from My Call Sign WB7ODY and address to your own Call Sign and Address. Last, Print on your printer and have in instant QSL card to match the Season or Contest or your mood!
    Use the Keys Ctrl-G for "grouping" elements and Ctrl-U for "Ungrouping" elements in the picture. Hold the Shift Key down
    when clicking with the left mouse button to select more than one
    object. Ctrl-C for copying and Ctrl-V for pasting.

    You can even use the Star Office 5.2 Draw program to make a QSL card.
    Star Office runs on Linux, Windows, Solaris. Download from
    Sun at:

    http://www.sun.com/products/staroffice/5 .2

    http://industry 2.java.sun.com/softwarenews/story/0,2787,691,00.html

    Good Luck, Readers, and hope to get an original design QSL card from you someday after a QSO!! Thank you, Ken K8PAO, for your wonderful

    Fred Finster





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    Oh Gawd, where's this thread going to go.
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