A new solar index number is being published - Thermosphere Climate Index

Discussion in 'Amateur Radio News' started by VE7DXW, Oct 1, 2018.

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  1. W4HM

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    Thanks for clearing that up as I was going too.
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  2. W4HM

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    There is no independently verifiable data/evidence that anthropogenic climate change (harmful man induced global warming) is occurring. Water vapor is a much more powerful medium that traps long wave radiation than carbon dioxide.
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  3. VE7DXW

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    I agree with what you are saying, but a delicate balance has been disturbed and as the global temperature continues to rise more water vapor in the troposphere will make weather events more severe. More strong storms, hurricanes and cyclones as well have experienced in the past few years.
    The climate change is a runaway process and life on earth will be in the midst of it... the sad thing is that a lot of the "conveniences" that cause climate change could be done away with easily! It takes leadership to make the change now and it will not affect us as much as our grand kids, which will pay a horrible price, if we do nothing!

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  4. K2CAJ

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    That's not a political view. There is absolutely zero of anything even remotely political in the original post.
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  5. GM4BRB

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    That statement is by definition, surely, a political one. Anyhoos, I'm not here to argue that.

    Much Ionospheric science, these days, completely ignores the effect of galactic cosmic rays.
    Have you even noticed how long after we've passed the 'greyline' into deep-night and the Sun is now on the opposite side of Earth, propagation in the lower-D-layer (layers within layers - and here the lower layer) continues right through the night?
    No Solar-Radiation. Light travels in straight lines through our low-density atmosphere.

    Galactic cosmic rays are the reason D-Layer propagation continues through the night for MF and into the lower HF bands, with 160m a particularly good example, Short hop as well as trans-atlantic hops.

    "The ionisation in the lowest part of the D-layer is not, as in the rest of the ionosphere, produced by solar-radiation but by cosmic-radiation, consisting of very rapidly moving, charged particles coming from distant regions of space and impinging on The Earth equally by day and night. Their great speeds allow them to penetrate to ground level without their losing much energy, so that the rate at which they produce (free ionised) electrons is proportional to the concentration of the air-molecules available to be ionised, and is greater at greater depths."
    J.A Ratcliffe. Fellow of the Royal Society. (deceased)
    Former lecturer at Sydney Sussex College, Cambridge University.

    This abstract from the Journal of Geophysical Research, a document from 1962, also gives consensus on this understanding of the 'physics of the lower atmosphere', which remains valid.
    It is not contested.
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  6. W8JBM

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    And air conditioner are a bigger threat than ISIS... You are welcome for the political injection my friend.
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  7. W1LWT

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    And lets not forget the fake design presentation Al Gore did showing and telling everyone that storms across the atlantic above the equator turns in a clock-wise circlur motion..............yeah right Al Gore we thought you was a politition not a weather scientist....oh wait dont they both lie ...
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  8. KT4RK

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    Next thing ya know, folks are going to be saying the science behind radio and propagation are all a bunch of B.S. put out by the liberal left to control the airwaves. Pretty sad when people allow their own political bias to get in the way of science... :rolleyes:
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  9. N1GKE

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    Thank you for the heads-up Alex.
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  10. KY5U

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    I was waiting for this message. It's sneaked into most every science article and documentary these days. I have a granddaughter who is 8 and is doing Global Warming propaganda at home from school. But I did ask her of she minded if GP ignored that stuff since he'd be dead in a few years and she gave me her blessing to ignore GW. I also bought several cases of the old Freon and whenever someone sneaks a GW message in someplace, I dump a can into the atmosphere. So, DXW, this R-22 is for you. My science is settled.
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