2009 FAR Scholarship Award Winners

Discussion in 'Amateur Radio News' started by AA3OF, Aug 19, 2009.

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  1. AA3OF

    AA3OF Ham Member QRZ Page

    The Foundation For Amateur Radio is proud to announce the winners of the 2009 FAR SCHOLARSHIP AWARDS.

    Ralph V. “Andy” Anderson, K0NL, Memorial Scholarship - $1000
    Emily M. Stewart KC0PTL – Leavenworth, KS

    Baltimore Amateur Radio Club Scholarships (4) - $1000
    Tom Christovich KB3HUR – Catonsville, MD
    Christa McClenny, KB3JIU – Glenwood, MD
    Ashley N. Peterson KB3HJV – LaVale, MD
    Jessica Raskin KB3LXR – Woodbine, MD

    Ernie Dobos Memorial Scholarship - $1500
    Sponsored by the Baltimore Amateur Radio Club
    Elizabeth Albert-Bruninga WE4APR – Glen Burnie, MD

    Rose Ellen Bills Memorial Scholarships - $2000
    Jacob Wagner KD8CDC – Rocky River, OH

    Richard G. Chichester Memorial Scholarship - $2000
    Sponsored by Patricia and Jack (W9AMF) Chichester
    Tamara Sevier KE5DJZ– Austin, TX

    Columbia Amateur Radio Association Scholarship - $1000
    Nathaniel Heatwole WZ3AR – Damascus, MD

    FAR SILENT KEY Memorial Scholarships - 2 @ $5000 each
    Patricia Dobson N3DUH – Reisterstown, MD
    Kyle Fox W4KTF – Warrenton, VA

    Frederick Amateur Radio Club Scholarship - $1000
    Dan N. Tran KI4WFZ – Manassas, VA

    Free State Amateur Radio Club Scholarship - $500
    Charles A. Johnson N3HY – New Castle, PA

    Murgas Amateur Radio Club Scholarship - $500
    Robert P. Hoops W3EGL – Watsontown, PA

    Nanticoke Amateur Radio Club Scholarship - $1000
    Robert A. Crook KB3JYR – Monrovia, MD

    Lawrence E. and Thelma J. Norrie Memorial Scholarship - $2500
    Rebecca Rich KB0VVT – Raytown, MO

    Old Old Timers Club Scholarship - $1000
    Tim Goodrich KI6VBY – Torrance, CA

    Ozaukee Radio Club Scholarship - $1000
    Benjamin J. Steffes KC9PMN – North Fond de Lac, WI

    Kevin and Kelly Perdue Memorial Scholarship - $2000
    Sponsored by Kay (N3KN) and Carter (N3AO) Craigie
    Stephanie Schaefer KC2NSA – Binghamton, NY

    Phil-Mont Mobile Radio Club Memorial Scholarship - $2000
    In Memory of Claude H. Haring W3IIM
    Robert P. Hoops W3EGL – Watsontown, PA

    QCWA Named MEMORIAL Scholarships - 9, Amounts Vary
    Alfred Burke (W3VR) Memorial Scholarship ($2000)
    Fynn W. McPherson AB3AT – Harrisonburg, VA
    Leland Smith, Sr. (W5KL) Memorial Scholarship ($1500)
    Stephen M. Sciarini, KC8IDJ – Dover, OH
    Ralph Hasslinger (W2CVF) Charter Member Scholarship ($1500)
    Sabra Perry KD7JPR – Sweet Home, OR
    Travis Baird (W9VQD) Memorial Scholarship ($1500)
    Jonathan Troup K0DE – Berthoud, CO
    Donald & Phyllis Doughty Family Scholarship ($1400)
    Lauren Rice KC2LR – Syracuse, NY
    Edwin Woodruff (W3SX) Memorial Scholarship ($1200)
    Nicholas Bauer KC9GZY – Bloomington, IN
    Jacobsen-Kelleher Family (W3DUG-W4ZC) Scholarship ($1200)
    Brendan McDonald VA3BJM – Dryden, Ontario, Canada
    Wes Randles Memorial Scholarship ($1100)
    Jeremy D. Pedersen AB3DL – Milford, DE
    Leo Meyerson (W0GFQ) Family Living Scholarship ($1000)
    Kayla M. Check N8KAY – Independence, OH
    QCWA Silent Key Memorial Scholarships - 12 @ $1000 each
    Christina Check W8HBI – Independence, OH
    William D. Chimel KB3HUG – South Abington Township, PA
    Daniel Ellis KG4IVC – Pikeville, NC
    Alexander S. Jasper KB9TTO – Plover, WI
    Kerry Manderbach K0XOK – St. Louis, MO
    Blake McCabe KC2GQX – Vestal, NY
    Stephen Oi NV6A – Brentwood, TN
    Lori A. Rose N9BRH – Franklin, IN
    Jack H. Short KC0QIO – Columbia, MO
    Stephen T. Simpson, KC8IOY – Ocala, FL
    Edward Schnell KC2TGD – Montwuk, NY
    John Sohl III KG4WWE – Shepherdsville, KY

    Radio Club of America Scholarships - 3 @ $1000
    Donald A. Askey NS3S – Butler, PA
    Nicholas Brennan KD7YDD – Shoreline, WA
    David C. Perkins KE4JZJ – Summersville, KY

    Chuck Reville K3FT Memorial Scholarship - $1000
    Sponsored by Philip Karn, KA9Q
    Caleb Braff KC0FKO – St Paul, MN

    10-10 International Net Scholarships - 4 @ $1500 each
    Alex Brech KC0YLD – Curie, MN
    David T. Clark KD7NZK – Phoenix, AZ
    James Hunt KI5DQ – Sherman, TX
    William Joshua Fisher W4WJF – Raleigh, NC

    Robert E. True Memorial Scholarship - $1000
    Sponsored by Mrs. Shirley True Banning
    Alex Pasini N8QL – Fairview Park, OH

    Tulare County Memorial Scholarship - $1000
    Frederick J. Meyer KG6ECE – Soquel, CA

    Ernest L. Walker, WB3DVL Memorial Scholarship - $1000
    Sponsored by the Baltimore Radio Amateur TV Society
    Thomas Christovich KB3HUR – Baltimore, MD

    Dwight Weller Memorial Scholarship - $1000
    Sponsored by Philip Karn, KA9Q
    Matthew Poppe AD7HF – Spokane, WA

    WARAC Memorial Scholarship - $1500
    Sponsored by the West Allis Radio Amateur Club
    James Markstrom KB9MMA – Racine, WI

    Young Ladies’ Radio League Scholarships
    Ethel Smith (K4LMB) Memorial Scholarship - $1500
    Sara Sneed KC0YHN – Wayzata, MN

    Mary Lou Brown (NM7N) Memorial Scholarship - $1500
    Samantha Hendrickson KE7ZZR – Colville, WA
  2. NE3R

    NE3R Ham Member QRZ Page

    As treasurer of the Frederick Amateur Radio Club, that is one check I really enjoy writing!

    What really gets me is that we get the word out to young hams in the area every year, and find out later that they didn't apply.

    Joseph Durnal NE3R


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