ICOM IC-705: A slightly different perspective

Discussion in 'Amateur Radio News' started by OH8STN, Sep 24, 2019.

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  1. K4CUL

    K4CUL Premium Subscriber QRZ Page

    Good presentation. Looking forward to a real hands-on review when the product is actually available. I like the concept of the entire package, but wish it did have an internal tuner (maybe that will be an option at some point). Holding off on K2 until more is known about this unit. SOTA... POTA... sitting on my deck with a B(eer)OTA...
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  2. WA2LXB

    WA2LXB XML Subscriber QRZ Page

    Great points, I agree and I pine after the KX3. I do chuck the 7300 with side handles into a backpack with a 20AH LiFePo and it does well. If I want QRP I drop it down to 5W, but of course receive draw is way higher than a KX3. It's also as heavy as a dead senator but it has the auto tuner, panadapter and 100W. Bolt all that to a KX3 and it gets pricey and heavy.
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  3. KJ6TTR

    KJ6TTR XML Subscriber QRZ Page

    Isn't that the same as saying, "It can receive AM broadcast radio? I don't listen to AM, so I'm not going to buy it?" Why would a feature you won't use keep you from buying it? Just curious on the logic behind it.
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  4. W5KAL

    W5KAL Ham Member QRZ Page

    Very nice review. Can not wait till they arrive in the US.
  5. AL7PX

    AL7PX Ham Member QRZ Page

    Excellent portable rig. If reasonable, I'll buy one.
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  6. WB7VTY

    WB7VTY Ham Member QRZ Page

    First, nice review. Thanks for taking the time to do that. I have a slightly different perspective than what I have seen anywhere, but granted I havent looked at all of them because there are lots of duplicates it seems. Maybe this will all be a repeat too. I agree, I think the 705 is an exciting radio and if it is what it appears, I expect the receiver to be far better than my 817nD. I also agree that the 818 was a HUGE disappointment to say the least. Complete waste of time considering all the things that could be improved on the 817. BUT.. regardless, I love my 817. Ive had it for about 10 years and it definitely has room for improvement but it is a ton of fun and regardless of its short comings, it does a great job and I wouldnt trade it for any other radio. Its a tank. I personally dont see the 705 and 817 as quite the direct competitors as it seems most people do. It all depends on what your interests are. I have no interest in digital modes, and when I go out to play SOTA it is nearly 100% CW when on HF. I either take my 817 or my PFR3B and have no interest what so ever in carrying additional anything for any of the digital stuff. For those with a desire to take along digital capability, there is no doubt the 705 will be a big win. However for my application, the 705 is a TON of overkill in terms of features. Power consumption is yet to be seen. Not to suggest its a bad radio, its just not the right tool for what I like to do. The only reason I would consider buying it is for its improvements in core performance over the 817 or PFR, and I also agree, to have a display I can actually read without optical aid - the 817 as you know is literally about the size of two postage stamps. The 10 watts, the wifi, bluetooth, spectrum display, etc, while great features for some needs, have no use to me at all, especially in a field radio. What I would love to see yaesu or kenwood do, is come out with something akin to an improved 817 with internal tuner in the form factor of a elecraft KX or the 705 with a big KX style display. No color touch screen / spectrum display needed for me. Regardless of all the debating, I think the 705 will be a big winner unless there is a unknown major boo boo, which isnt likely. I might even buy one. But the reasons I would buy one have nothing to do with the eye candy and features that for the most part truly are bells and whistles for what I enjoy doing, and that I will never use, and everything to do with getting improvements I expected out of yaesu on the 818 that they completely failed to deliver. Cant wait to see the 705. Im still holding out hope that it will actually have an internal tuner. All of that neat stuff and no internal tuner seems like kind of a big oversight. I'd trade wifi / bluetooth / USB charge for that in a heartbeat. Thanks again for the review. Amazing little rig.
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  7. KK6NLZ

    KK6NLZ Ham Member QRZ Page

    For me.. pandapter is crucial! in an emergency I don’t want to be spinning a dial trying to find someone.
    Also makes portable more fun on bad propagation days ..getting a little edge always helps. If the screen wasn’t important id just get a mountain topper and call it a day.
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  8. VK2JI

    VK2JI Ham Member QRZ Page

    Unfortunately ICOM have decided not to include an ATU for the HF bands. Perhaps they may change their mind before the final production version? After all they have the design from the IC7300.
    I also use resonant antennas but having matching capabilities built in for that odd situation where you don't have everything antenna-wise working as planned, having the fall-back of the ATU would be a significant benefit of the rig.

    What modes can the rig decode to the display? RTTY? PSK31? CW? Of course FT8 would be really nice along with a keyboard input (possibly via Bluetooth) but as that digital mode technology is still developing it's probably too soon to have FT8 as standard in a rig.

    73 Ed.
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  9. K3SZ

    K3SZ Ham Member QRZ Page

    You can see one here (an Icom BP-272 battery):
    No idea if the HFPack folks will adopt this radio for use or not.
  10. WA2LXB

    WA2LXB XML Subscriber QRZ Page

    If I had to design the ultimate QRP rig it would be the KX3 with all options installed including the ATU & 2M plus 70cm, cross band repeat capability, an on-board band scope like the 705, up to 25 watt peak Xmit power, onboard sound card for digi modes, waterproof to 1 meter, 4 USB connections for wireless keyboards, USB cables, etc. Of course it would cost ONE BILLION DOLLARS and have to be helium filled to keep it light:D
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