Good signals from ARISSat-1

Discussion in 'Amateur Radio News' started by G4TUT, Dec 23, 2011.

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  1. G4TUT

    G4TUT Ham Member QRZ Page

    Good signals from ARISSat-1

    The amateur radio satellite ARISSat-1 may have only a few more days to live before it re-enters Earth's atmosphere but Ken GW1FKY reports it's putting out a strong signal.

    On the AMSAT bulletin board Ken GW1FKY writes

    I again monitored and worked into ARISSat-1 during the earlier pass and the final one as it entered eclipse over here in Europe.

    The early pass was a low angle from my QTH and screened by buildings so I was not able to access the satellite. However the FM downlink was quite reasonable and I did hear someone active on CW.

    The final pass as it moved into eclipse was really remarkable and my downlink and the FM transmissions were booming in . The loudest that I have ever heard from the satellite, in addition I quickly monitored the CW portion and someone was booming in, I could not stay at that end of the band as I was trying to make schedule on SSB. Heard someone calling but not able to confirm whom it was as they were not easy to copy.

    Ken was listening in the early evening which seems to be a good time to hear the satellite. The satellite is only operational when its solar panels are illuminated. You can get orbital predictions times by selecting ARISSat-1 on the online prediction tool at

    If you hear the satellite on 145.950 MHz FM, you can get a certificate. Depending on what mode you copied, send an e-mail with the information to:

    Details at

    There is also a CW contest if you send in 5 calls heard on the 145.920 MHz CW transmission of notable AMSAT people of the past & present email them to

    ARISSat-1/KEDR Team announces CW Contest

    Catch the Last ARISSat-1 Telemetry

    Get your colour ARISSat-1 Frequency Guide:


    Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year from all at
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  2. KO4MA

    KO4MA Ham Member QRZ Page

    Still sounds good here!

  3. KC2GYU

    KC2GYU Ham Member QRZ Page

    Just copied the voice transmission on a vertical. Had it in S3 for about 2-3 minutes. Will record the next pass.
  4. KJ4UQT

    KJ4UQT Ham Member QRZ Page

    20:19:00 UTC 12-23-11

    I copied the voice signal..S2 for about 20 seconds.

    145.950 FM

    Using my Kenwood TS-2000 and a wire dipole.
  5. KC8YHW

    KC8YHW Ham Member QRZ Page

    ____ Fellow Hams, if you do not mind leaving your computer on. I use a 5/8 wave AES ISO pole antenna into a bearcat scanner, that is hooked to an old Dell running MMSSTV any time it comes over during daylight I get at least part of an image. Some have been incredibly clear, some not so clear. I try to check that computer once a day.
  6. K6LCS

    K6LCS XML Subscriber QRZ Page

  7. N7IQV

    N7IQV Ham Member QRZ Page

    Just copied a low pass, fairly full quieting on 145.950 FM. Nothing special, Motorola HT1000 with a stock rubber helical antenna. UNfortunately, could not get MET data on this pass, nor the "secret word" (Where is Groucho Marx when you need him!) but most of the voice transmission was legible. Considering the probable tumbling and shifting antenna polarization, quite a pleasant gift to put under the tree this Christmas!

    73 and best holiday wishes to all
  8. WD9EWK

    WD9EWK Ham Member QRZ Page

    I was out in the back yard for a pass just after 1pm (2000 UTC) this afternoon, up to a maximum elevation of 31 degrees. This was the pass with the highest elevation I have had with ARISSat-1. The FM downlink is still sounding good, but I didn't listen to it for long. I went to the transponder, heard my CW through it, and even got my voice through for a few moments. I used a pair of FT-817NDs with an Elk Antennas 2m/70cm log periodic, so just 5W up to the satellite.

    Don't know how long it will last, but it has been fun to follow how this satellite has been going. Here's hoping there are still some passes next weekend to work with.

  9. W0MM

    W0MM Ham Member QRZ Page

    ARISSAT-1 in TX

    Just uploaded this video on YouTube shot Friday at 2020 UTC (pass was at 86 degrees :))


    73 de W├śMM
  10. K6MFW

    K6MFW Ham Member QRZ Page

    I was able to get a reasonable image, noisy but clearly make out the callsign in the SSTV image. I was able to hear the voice with reasonable quieting (S3?). I tuned my Icom 208H to 145.950 and using a SignaLink USB to feed audio to a PC running MMSSTV. Antenna is a dualband J-pole by window of my condo. Far from the best setup but I got my very own RS01S image! Yeah!!! My location San Jose, CA.

    This was captured at Dec 26 about 2131Z (the MMSSTV program tagged it at 2131Z).

    Why I didn't get involved with this sat before..... It's all very interesting and sparks interests in satellite orbits, kep elements, etc. RS01S-12-26-11_2131Z.JPG
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