Amateur Radio SSTV pictures from Space Station

Discussion in 'Amateur Radio News' started by G4TUT, Oct 12, 2008.

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  1. G4TUT

    G4TUT Ham Member QRZ Page

    Amateur Radio SSTV pictures from Space Station

    The ARISS-SSTV Gallery has now started to show pictures received from around the world of the test images being sent by the ISS.

    They can be seen at

    Images received from the AO-51 testing can be uploaded, but they will not be shown on the gallery.

    Dave, G4DPZ


    The ISS SSTV pictures are transmitted on 145.800 MHz FM. They should be receivable on an Amateur Radio 2 metre handheld or a scanner radio connected to an external quarter wave groundplane or discone antenna. If your radio has different filter settings for 12.5 kHz and 25 kHz FM then select the 25 kHz filter for best results.

    Free Slow Scan TV Software MMSSTV:

    Free IZ8BLY Vox Recoder that enables you to record the ISS SSTV pictures on 145.800 MHz while you're away at work

    AMSAT Online Satellite Predictions (enter ISS):

    Google Earth Satellite Tracking:

    Satscape Satellite Tracker:


    Ham Radio Deluxe

    ISS Fan Club:

    AMSAT Bulletin Board AMSAT-BB


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  2. KF4CUP

    KF4CUP Ham Member QRZ Page

    that is outstanding, any chance of having amateur ATV
    or digital sstv fro the ISS........................?

    just wondering, am not setup for it except for the regular sstv stuff........

    don kf4cup
  3. KC8YHW

    KC8YHW Premium Subscriber QRZ Page

    __73__ to All. Hey yesterday Oct 12, 2008 I happened to snag two pictures from the ISS, not as good as the ones on the linked website but I got them. I have for a long time kept memory spaces on my VHF-UHF radios programed for the ISS. Yesterday I did happen to be ready, the patch cable was plugged into the laptop and the 2 Meter rig and I got the pics during scan.

    So down load MMSSTV from Hamsoft set it up and go for it. I turn the squelch off on the 2-Meter rig adjust the gain to show activity in the right window and if MMSSTV sees the right timing signals up comes the pics. What do you have to lose?

    From the QTH of the Extra Light KC8YHW
  4. N5VHO

    N5VHO Ham Member QRZ Page

    The Columbus module has been outfitted with 1.2 and 2.4 GHz antennas so ATV could be in the future ops for ISS.
  5. VK2QQ

    VK2QQ Ham Member QRZ Page

    Can we expect to see any images transmitted over the Southern Hemisphere or is all going to be Northern again?

    Brad VK2QQ
  6. KI4ITV

    KI4ITV Ham Member QRZ Page

    Mr. Garriott is TX on ISS.

    We had a good high elevation pass of ISS a few minutes ago and I Just picked up what I think was Richard Garriott (did not say his name), W5KWQ just said was his first contact from space at 1424UTC.
    He was in contact with a station near Atlanta, GA. and said he was getting ready to set up and send SSTV on the next pass.
    He used his own call (W5KWQ) and not NA1SS or RS0ISS, RZ3DZR.

    I was hoping to catch a picture and heard phone instead. Pretty cool stuff.

    Good catch for the day! :)
  7. KC2ESD

    KC2ESD Ham Member QRZ Page

    Picked up the ISS 14:25UTC

    Hello every one, I just heard the ISS on 145.800Mhz at 14:25Hrs. What I heard was not SSTV, it was one of the crew members having QSOs with hams in 4 and 2 lands. The crew member said he just arrived at the Station and is setting up SSTV for the next pass. I did not get the call of the crew member so I'm not sure if it is the Space Tourist or one of the replacement crew. The next pass will be at 16:00UTC with the ISS passing over Wisconsin and the northern part of Michigan. Good luck every one and thank you N2YO for the great website you have.

    73 de Rick KC2ESD
  8. W6ADZ

    W6ADZ Ham Member QRZ Page

    The last ISS pass went directly over Reno, NV and there was a full scale carrier on 145.8MHz and all I heard was a very weak voice say W6RJ several times and then the carrier went off.
  9. KC2ESD

    KC2ESD Ham Member QRZ Page

    Nothing Heard

    The ISS just went over New Jersey at 20:50UTC. I heard nothing this time on 145.800Mhz. No SSTV, packet, or voice was recieved. No signal at all. I guess the crew is a sleep right now since it is 21:00Hrs to them.

    Rick KC2ESD
  10. N4AC

    N4AC Ham Member QRZ Page

    Looks as if I had a bit of good luck this morning... I made contact with Richard, W5KWQ. He indicated that he had arrived at the ISS 2 hours earlier and that I was his first contact via amateur radio.

    N8MS was gracious enough to send me a recording of the QSO.

    Pretty cool.

    Randal - N4AC
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