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Amateur Radio Newsline headlines for Ham Nation. October 23, 2019.

Discussion in 'Amateur Radio News' started by KB7TBT, Oct 21, 2019.

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  1. KC3MIO

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    ‘The State of California has not made any determination we can find ‘that Ham Radio [is] no longer a benefit,’” Pacific Division Director Jim Tiemstra, K6JAT, is quoted on the Sacramento Valley Section website. “What happened is that CAL FIRE has transferred responsibility for its communications sites to its property management department. That department has the task of evaluating each site, its condition, use, and tenants. If a repeater not known to be associated with the emergency management function of a local jurisdiction is found in a CAL FIRE vault, the default action is to move it out or subject it to commercial rental rates.”’

    So that process has already started - nothing to see here, move along. Don’t be surprised if more emails a la Pisi will be sent out. Note that she didn’t ask them to justify their use of the rack space, she just told them to pay up or get out, as ham radio has no benefit to Cal Fire.
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  2. AI7PM

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    You failed to research the issue. Seek information from many sources concerning this issue. Gather enough information to make an informed decision. Or not.
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  3. AK5CT

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    Thank you guys for the updated information, I am very glad to see that I am wrong in this case. I did do some research on it at the time, but apparently more has come out on it since then, and I should have checked again before sending in that info. Let us now hope the State of California finds that Lorina Pisi is of no benefit :) OH, by the way Phil, I certainly have no 'Ax to Grind' with California, or anyone else. I guess for some strange reason, I just assumed that a representative of a state agency sending out a communication to some repeater owners to remove their equipment or pay a fee and saying that they no longer offered the same benefit to State (as quoted in the ARRL article that someone linked here), might actually mean that. I guess my "Critical Thinking Skills" are not working as good since my retirement. However, Three of the 'Critical Thinking Skills' are Analysis, Interpretation and Inference, which, when used, made think of the old adage 'Tip of the Iceberg"
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  4. KD0WGB

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  5. K9GLS

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    The part omitted that made this a nothing burger to begin with... right after "they no longer offer the same benefit"... there is this important sentence that our CONtent creator still glosses over "the Department no longer financially supports HAM operators [sic] radios or tenancy." Doesn't take much critical thinking to understand there is no such thing as free rack space (or electricity to run said rack of goodies). From a state tipping on bankruptcy seems to make sense. You pay rent or get out. Again I say bravo to the CONtent creator for ginning up views and clicks. I'm sure he's enjoying his Starbucks coffee with the money he made on Youtube.
  6. ND6M

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    When you repeatedly use derogatory terms like CONtent, your bias become very obvious.
  7. AI7PM

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    Tipping my hat, Sir.
  8. K1WCC

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    Why not pay for repeater space? This might be a reaction to the power shutoffs being enacted by PG&E. However, if you have a repeater, it's only by the generosity of the served agency that you don't pay for the juice or space to keep it. They need money like anyone else.
  9. NA5XX

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    The whole thing reminded me of the French proposal to use 2 meters for aviation. People made many assumptions and complained the FCC and ARRL were doing noting to stop it. They had no jurisdiction over what was being proposed in Europe. People still posted Youtube and Facebook rants about it. Turns out the ITU didn't even put it on the agenda for discussion.
  10. KI7OQF

    KI7OQF Ham Member QRZ Page

    I heard about this but I thought it was just paranoia, Sorry this is happening , I so hope this is the last.

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