A New Book from amateur radio operator N9ABC, Steve Handler.

Discussion in 'Amateur Radio News' started by N9ABC, Apr 10, 2012.

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  1. N9ABC

    N9ABC Ham Member QRZ Page

    April, 2012

    A New Book from amateur radio operator N9ABC, Steve Handler. I am pleased to announce that my new book, "JUST THE FAX! A Shortwave Radio Listener's Guide to Weather Facsimile Reception," was published in March and is now available.

    Called by many names including radio facsimile, WEFAX, and radio fax this method of transmission is used by weather forecasting agencies around the world to broadcast their weather maps, weather charts, satellite photos and forecasts to many users around the globe simultaneously.

    With a amateur transceiver that provides general coverage of the HF bands (2-30 MHz), and a computer (PC or MAC) using the proper software you can receive these entertaining broadcasts.

    This book provides a step by step description of the author's experiences receiving these broadcasts. Beside the technical discussion and the examples of maps, charts and satellite photos, there are two sections filled with extensive data. The first section lists stations by frequency and the second section lists them in time order.

    Additional information or questions may be directed to Steve Handler at n9abc@arrl.net
  2. W5LMM

    W5LMM Platinum Subscriber Platinum Subscriber QRZ Page

    Sounds interesting! Thanks for the info! Will it be available in PDF or ebook?
  3. W4RAV

    W4RAV Ham Member QRZ Page

    yeah, but 15 bucks for 39 pages? some of which (schedules, freqs, etc.) are free. Does the book offer a better value than the many free sources? (sample)

    I like to support my fellow hams, but I can't always do it unquestioningly. My regret if this offends the reader. Don't let it, it ain't that important.
  4. N9ABC

    N9ABC Ham Member QRZ Page

    Hi Frank,

    The free book you list is an excellent book. I believe that it was designed for use by Mariners. My book was written to be entertaining and written for amateur radio operators and shortwave radio listeners, and not for mariners.

    I have chosen to present the material in a format that I believe is much better for the amateur and shortwave listener. Since I have seen my book and you have not had that opportunity, I will try to describe the advantages of my book. The free book organizes stations by country and then station by station within each country. I have chosen a different and if I must say so a much more "hobby radio listener" friendly method of presentation.

    In Appendix 1 of my book, stations are listed by frequency. In Appendix 2 of my book, stations are listed in time sequence. If you hear a station on a particular frequency it is easy to look in Appendix 1 of my book and see what station uses that frequency. Using the free source book you mention which is organized Country by Country, and then station by station within that country, you would need to search page by page country by country to find out who is using what frequency.

    In addition, the time sequence listings of stations in Appendix 2 of my book provides a list in time order. So if it is 0355 GMT and you want to see what stations are possibly on the air it is easy to do so. Again, in the free book, to accomplish the same thing you have to look country by country and station by station for what stations are on at what times.

    Also, the narrative material in my book can be of is help to listeners, especially to those new to radiofax. It covers problems you might encounter and offers suggestions. Further, the maps and charts I provide are interesting and also used to demonstrate how I solved some of the receiving problems.

    In short, my book was designed to be user friendly for amateur radio operators and shortwave radio listeners and I think it it is a much better fit for those listeners. -Enjoy life, Steve Handler
    Last edited: Apr 11, 2012
  5. N9ABC

    N9ABC Ham Member QRZ Page

    Hi Lee, good question. I have been looking into doing an E-Book version, but I have no idea of if or when that may happen. -Steve
  6. W4RAV

    W4RAV Ham Member QRZ Page

    Great reply, thank you. The value of the book to me has already improved.

  7. KF7RHB

    KF7RHB Ham Member QRZ Page

    I love radio fax! I wish options for fax were better highlighted for the new ham, so thanks for your efforts. SeaTTY is my favourite client, for those who have the cash, but thankfully there is also the wonderful Hamfax for Linux, for free, which can also transmit.

    As for stations, I'm a fan of NMC, which gives great forecast data for western North America. Keep on rocking, Point Reyes!

    Tweedle, tweedle, tweedle, ergh, ergh, ergh, tweedle, tweedle...
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