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Thread: Log4OM, new version for download

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    Default Log4OM, new version for download

    I would like to inform that Log4OM version 1.15 had been released today, you can download from:
    Nice work, congratulations Daniele, and all the team.

    If you permit my sugestion, download and give it a try, I am sure you will apreciate it, excelente Log software and it is free. In case of difficulty, contact the forum and you will get the answer very promptly.

    Best regards for all and a special thanks for all log4OM team.

    73 Manuel Fernando CT1BXX

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    Hi Manuel,
    Thanks for posting the news about our latest release, I also posted a report here on Saturday evening but once again for some STRANGE reason the moderators have not passed it for display in the forum yet?

    73 and enjoy our free software.

    Terry G4POP - Log4OM Development Team

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    Great software and very stable.

    Just moved two radio club members over to it this weekend. Once you get into all its features, it is very powerful.

    Cost? Free.
    Mike, n6kzb/xe2

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    Please when you tell us aabout new software available for download. It would be nice to know what platform the software was written for. WinBlows, Linux, Unix, or Mac.
    ;) From The QTH of The Extra Light (KC8YHW) ;)

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    Hello Manuel.
    Thank you for the update.
    I am using Log4OM in a Linux / Ubuntu setting under Wine.
    So far, so good, as before.
    Many thanks and very 73.

    de Myrton (N1GKE) in FN41fr

    "I use the original form of social networking, Amateur Radio."

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    N1GKE What ever happened to Whiskey Bravo 1 Good Whiskey Sour ? Course that was long ago in Medford Mass I do believe you might still have a radio of mine :} It is J Ryan send an IM to

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