Last year I went on DXpedition to Malta with VRZA Dutch Holidays for 2 weeks, Its an experience
you don't want to miss. We had the permission of the hotelowner to install monoband antenna's up
on the roof for 80m to 10m band. Adrenaline kicks in when u just installed an antenna and you
push the powerbutton on the transceiver and you call CQ CQ this is 9H3JN and you get pileups
that just wont stop hi! Yes you can have your own 9H3 callsign!

Its not only hamradio. You also have the possibility to enjoy the island of Malta and his rich
culture's, beautifull churches, nice beaches, nice people and fun at karaoke bars hi.
And if you want to do something alone or go somewhere together is no problem at all, you're not
stuck together like a group.

For the Malta DXpedition for this year (the last year!) we are looking for participants /
tourists. Estimates for June 1st!

source: VRZA website.

For the last time we VRZA Holiday's will go to MALTA. Warm weather and a fully equipped shack
and nice excursions. VRZA Holiday's will make it happen. Do you also want to come along? Already
for the 25th time you can go to MALTA from 14 until 28 sept. or 24-Sept. until 8 oct. or the
entire period. We stay on half board in EURO CLUB hotel in Qawra. Request the registration form
and you'll be amazed at the price. Information only through malta@vrza.nl and everything is
arranged for you.
But .... now for the first time this year we have an overlap of 4 days between
Sept. 24 and 28, for which we want to organize a fantastic party with all participants and
because of this the 25th anniversary. It is also intended that in addition to your own 9H3 call,
the requested special anniversary call 9H925 throughout the period can be used.

Some links about the previous VRZA Holiday DXpeditions:

Malta movie DXpedition 2011 http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ZfYfDbfA5dc

Malta movie ( in dutch ) DXpedition 2000 http://www.ch73.net/player.php?id=20&ln=gb&table=1

Photos of Sjirk 9H3YM / PE1OFJ http://qsl.net/pd0cif/

Photos of Jasper 9H3JN / PB2JJ http://members.casema.nl/pb2jj/9h3jn/

Article ( in dutch ) by Frits 9H3FD / PA3FD http://www.vrza.nl/downloads/cqpa/art1_200912.pdf

Website ( in dutch ) about the experiences of Arno 9H3WX / PA5W and Ans 9H3WY / PD5W

Some pictures of the Malta DXpedition 2009 http://www.vrza.nl/info/malta2009-2.htm

73 de Jasper PB2JJ / 9H3JN