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    GI100MGY will be on the air from Belfast lough During the weekend 14th. / 15th. of April - MGY was the Callsign of the Ill-fated ship RMS Titanic, which had been launched in Belfast in May 1911. The GI100 is a very special prefix, kindly allocated to the "Project WhiteStar" special event team by Ofcom, the UK regulator. We plan to be active all modes, 80m - 10m, with a 2 minute station silence at 01:47am on 15th April, the exact time when the vessel sank, in memory of all those who lost their lives that night. On the evening of 14th/15th, most operation will be on CW.

    The final wireless message sent from the Titanic:
    "SOS SOS CQD CQD MGY. We are sinking fast. Passengers are being put into boats. MGY."

    This was the first time ever that the new international distress signal SOS had been used, alongside the old CQD.

    Project White Star is a collaboration between various Amateur Radio Clubs in Greater Belfast and further afield in Northern Ireland

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    Anyone who hears or works them please send me a PM with the frequency.

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