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Thread: IRESC helps out in Mexico Earthquake.

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    I will prefere to talk when we will receive any contact from any country for disaster comm / EMCOMM..Since 1999 any ?

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    Quote Originally Posted by N6KZB View Post
    What traffic support?

    In perspective; while any amateur or group looking to make contact after a major event into an affected area is an accepted practice, and can bear results, this was not one of them.

    The Mexican amateurs that did provide information on the air, (from affected areas), was a normal response and is expected. But even those local amateurs and organized support groups
    that were available for such an event, soon understood that there was no further need for amateur communications.

    Here is a comment from XE2SI, the Division Director for F.M.R.E in Baja and a Communications member for area "Protection Civil";


    I saw this the next day after the earthquake happened, even saw the video, XE1HFT did not provide any emergency traffic, he answered a call from his Echo-link station and tried to explain what the situation was. Other than that, the ham radio operators in Mexico City, did not activate any outside radio operation. Some friends talked about in the Face Book forum, mostly because there were no bad reports. Since the 1985 quake, most old buildings where replaced with better architecture, maybe the reason for minimal damage. Our IRLP node was on the reflector and as you noticed no traffic was related. The national emergency frequencies, 7,080 and 14,120 KHz, go into operation with such events, but no traffic was necessary. The official conventional ways of communication were not affected. The authorities there have a good system with them and the appropriate action was taken. For this Earthquake outside amateur communications was not activated. But in the local areas, Mexican amateurs did keep themselves and local nets available, if needed.


    If real communications support was needed or self activating, North American amateurs would be there to provide proper and directed communications support, along with Mexico's trained amateurs.
    Support is perhaps better served from neighboring countries, in an event such as this.

    Mexican radio operators train and despite the small number of licensed operators, take pride in their ability to communicate in emergency events.
    In serious events, the federal government can have them report to the Military for support communications.

    While I don't want to disparage some members of this "international groups" efforts, it sounds a lot like someone is trying to gain propaganda from this earthquake.

    This is just MY opinion, and like others should be taken in context.

    This thread is digressing into some real unsubstantiated and maligning comments.

    Adios from Baja

    If my memory serves me correctly, this International Emcomm Group had a VERY nasty split at the Leadership level, aka Growth by Division. Enough said.

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    well maybe you understood this way, but it was more an unfriendly takeover. not complete done because i bloked the take over of the domain.
    The struggle tarnished the name of IRESC anyway. The real IRESC could not continue, even most ex-member even dont like to touch this area of emmercom anymore.
    As this bloke continue it have an impact on HAM Emmercom in General.
    - They use the logo without permissiom of the creater, as they didnt have the highres orginal blowed it up to a amazing ammount of pixel, crapping it - all over the site of them.
    - Registered IRESC in colorado and call that worldwide trademark.
    - Got a sponsor to spend radios which got losst in transfer never reached the destination.
    - publish false statement
    - using names in activity of HAM which are not with them nor did something

    maybe the most readers know iCarly ? now there is a reincarnation
    at least somthing to laugh about that bad story
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    Who was the first person to look at a cow and say, "I think I'll squeeze these pink dangly things here, and drink whatever comes out?"

    73 de KD8BIG

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