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Thread: EasyPal Alert

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    Default EasyPal Alert

    This digital SSTV software can be downloaded from the KC1CS website, but
    beware, a Trojan Downloader comes with it. I have advised KC1CS by email of the problem. Hope it gets fixed.

    Al W2JUV

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    Default none found

    Hello OM. Are you sure you found a valid trojan on this ham's site? I downloaded, scanned and installed and scanned all installation files after installation. No virus, trojan or malware was found. Two days ago there was a problem with Google Adsense that was throwing false positives in many viruscan programs. This has now been fixed. Is this possibly what happened to you at his site. Perhaps there truly was a trojan and it has now been cleaned? I don't know, but at this time, my scanning programs show nothing.

    Thanks es 73,


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    Just scanned mine, no problems found...

    Scan "Shell extension scan" was finished.
    No infection was found during this scan
    Folders selected for scanning:;"C:\Program Files\EasyPal;"
    Scan started:;"Wednesday 01/27/10 2010 9:38:38 AM"
    Scan finished:;"Wednesday 01/27/10 2010 9:39:59 AM (1 minute(s) 21 second(s))"
    Total object scanned:;"1188"

    de NA4IT

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    Running Malware Bytes a couple of days ago, I also received a trojan message with the exe file. There just must be something the virus detectors are seeing and not liking. My 2 worth.


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    Default update....

    I confirm the posting from George NJ3H, the Trojan only shows up when I scan with MalwareBytes. Could be a quirk within MalwareBytes, who knows.

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    Quote Originally Posted by W2JUV View Post
    I confirm the posting from George NJ3H, the Trojan only shows up when I scan with MalwareBytes. Could be a quirk within MalwareBytes, who knows.
    I have had EasyPal on this computer for about 6 months. Last week Avast found a Trojan in the EasyPal software and locked it in its chest. I deleted EasyPal and ran another scan and found nothing. I will be watching this thread because I would like to have EasyPal back.

    My memory's not as sharp as it used to be. Also, my memory's not as sharp as it used to be. :D

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    I have also found the trojan in EasyPAL over a year ago. Malware bytes said it was some type of on-line-banking password stealing program. I deleted EasyPAL after that and tried downloading the latest release at that time, with the same results. I haven't used EasyPAL since. I posted something about it on either this or the other well-known ham forum, but got no additional information.

    It could be just a fluke with Malwarebytes, but in the past Malwarebytes has found spyware that other programs missed. Don't forget- many anti-virus programs do not check for malware or root kits- only viruses. I wonder if the author of EasyPAL may have reused a piece of existing code to save time, and that's where the malware got in..

    Also very curious here to find out what the final verdict is. At this point, I prefer to err on the safe side and believe Malwarebytes.

    Tom, KA1MDA

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    Malware programs often report exe files as a trojan. It's in the software that generates the report and it always sees an executable as a possible trojan.

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    So one should ignore it if a Malware program detects a virus in a .EXE file?
    Hardly makes sense. Why run the Malware program if you don't want to know?

    de K3ko

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    Default False Positive . . .

    I use this software everyday and no problems ever found . . .
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