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Thread: World Flora Fauna Award Programme

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    Default World Flora Fauna Award Programme

    World Flora Fauna Award Programme

    Welcome to a new World Award Programme - World Flora Fauna (WFF)

    Valery Sushkov, RW3GW say's WFF is a young innovative international award programme which it's hoped will become a popular one for the worldwide Ham Radio community.

    The WFF Programme provides National Amateur Radio Organizations with a wonderful opportunity to set up and organize internal national FF Programmes along with the currently existing projects: Russian Flora Fauna (RFF), Ukraine Flora Fauna (UFF), Polish National Park and Portugal National Park Award.

    BUT this will be no easy "walk in the park" as those wishing to score award points by being activators must activate more than 10 different National Park or Nature Reserves!

    For the hunters to score? at least 500 QSOs with different National Parks or Nature Reserves of the official WFF List.

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    Default Wff - dprn


    Portuguese Natural Parks and Reserves Award is promoted by ADXG - Algarve DX Group and all informations can be finded (link DPRN) or directly

    Many activities soon...

    73's de CT1GFK, Toze

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    Default World Flora Fauna Award Programme

    My sincere congratulations to Valery Sushkov, RW3GW, active president of the Russian Robinson Club - RRC. Her proposition for the WFF is very high interesting for increasing the worldwide interest for preservation of the natural resources and world life around the world.


    Edmilson Rodrigues do Ó "Ed", PR7CPK

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    Default Sounds good but...

    Will all awards be made of "GREEN" material? Do contacts have to be made using "GREEN" types of power? Do you have to use " GREEN" radios???

    Inquiring minds want to know!!!!
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    Default Dprn

    Yes sir,

    - DPRN (Portuguese Natural Parks and Reserves awars) material is GREEN - CORK. See rules.

    - Energy on dx´peditions is GREEN only from batteries. See our dx'peditons pictures in

    - Hmmm... radio is not GREEN, but radio display yes is GREEN, it is (icom 706 MK2g)

    - DPRN website is GREEN. See it.

    And you? Do you use any think GREEN (on radio off couse).

    73's de CT1GFK, Toze
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    Default World Flora Fauna Award Programme

    I love green...! Ah! Mr. Daniel, N0FPE do not know green because her place is near Arizona Desert. The southwest of the United States is a large arid area without green, including the Death Valley. The green is our life...!

    Ed, PR7CPK

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