Discussion in 'Silent Keys / Friends Remembered' started by AA3YT, Apr 30, 2019.

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  1. AA3YT

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    It is with great sadness that I am reporting the passing of Gerald (Garry) W Genemetes, W7JAR / KE7VEP. Garry was devoted father and family man and is survived by his wife Michelle, his two sons, a sister, a brother , and his grandchildren.
  2. K2HAT

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    My father Garry passed away after a massive heart attack on March 19th 2019. After being in the hospital for 2 days on life support. He was found by his grandson Rayden laying in the driveway while taking some scrap to the street for pickup Rayden was helping. Rayden had stopped to go eat some lunch and after finishing eating he went to go help grandpa some more and that is when he found him. He ran inside to tell grandma that he was laying in the driveway. My mom and sister both ran outside to his aid. And found him not breathing.
    My mom started CPR and my sister called 911. Rayden was told by grandma to run next door and get the neighbor. She came out and started helping right away. After a few minutes police and medics arrived. The officer showing up first. Just out of his truck and took over until medics showed up just seconds later. They used the defibrillator to get his heart started again and was successful.
    The quickly loaded him in the ambulance and rushed him to Jordan valley medic center. After getting him in the quickly took him to get scanned to see why his heart had stopped. And found a blood clot. They got the clot removed but he still wasnt breathing on his own. So he was put on life support. They worked for hours trying to get him stable so they could do a ct scan of his brain to see if there was any damage when he fell. This proved difficult. They couldn't do it that night so they planned for the morning. As morning came they were able to get him stable. But his heart had stopped again. They quickly got his heart going again with CPR. And things were looking good again.
    Around lunch time they decided he was stable enough for the ct scan. While all of us were just hoping and praying he would wake up. After several hours the doctors had the results. We were hoping for good news. As the doctor was explaining the results we all just looked at each other and knew what the answer was. His brain showed no activity. At this point me and my 2 brothers and our mother had to make the hardest decision we ever had to do. Do we keep him on life support? Or do we pull the plug.
    My father always said he never wanted to be on life support and if it ever happened to just pull the plug and set him free. So keeping with his wishes. We chose to pull the plug. After giving a little time for everyone to say goodbye me my 2 brother my 2 sister and all our wife's and husbands and my mother and grandmother all joined in the room for his final moments. After witch he was takin off to be a organ donor. Were not sure yet as to what all they could save/use. But even after death hes still helping someone.

    My father was the greatest man I've known or met. He touched the hearts of so many people and taught all 5 of us kids so much that we will carry with us forever. Leaving behind his 5 kids and 7 grandkids to carry on his legacy, his wife, his mother, his brothers and sister and so many friends.

    He loved camping, fishing, and playing on his HAM radio. He was known as W7JAR to the people that he talked to on the radio and made hundreds of contacts all over the world and even a space shuttle. He was outgoing and loved being outside. He was never afraid to lend a helping hand whenever he could.

    He was also a workaholic. It was rare when he would call in sick or even take a vacation day. But he also knew when to spend the time with family whether it was watching movies or just sitting in a circle talking having a good time.

    The past weeks have been tough not having him around and the medical Bill's are coming in and adding up. So far we are almost at $20.000. The bill for the life support and everything is expected to be close to $300.000. Witch insurance will cover after we come up with the deductible of $13.500 witch is why we are asking for help. Without paying that my mom will have to file bankruptcy and possibly lose her house and vehicle.

    Us 5 kids are pitching in as much as we can. But we are all only able to do so much. My sisters tried applying for a loan to cover it but was not approved. If you can or want to donate so we can get the deductible paid. We all would be forever grateful.

    Thank you for the help and support whether it's in prayer or donation. It means the world to us. And we all really appreciate it.

    We all love and miss you dad!! R.I.P. Garry Genemetes 5/29/1964 - 3/19/2019

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