The ARRL Letter, Vol 26, No 04

Discussion in 'Amateur Radio News' started by AA7BQ, Jan 27, 2007.

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  1. AD7BK

    AD7BK Ham Member QRZ Page

    soon we will hear on 28.185 "breaker breaker 19 this here be one them thar amateur radio op there gud buddy how you copy 10-4 roger*beep* or we will hear CQ CQ this is kz0zzz calling on my new gained privs anyone out there? over.

    But the wait is over!!!!

    Now my friend can get on 10m [​IMG]

  2. KB1SF

    KB1SF Ham Member QRZ Page

    Whenever I read such super-patriotic dogma, I'm always reminded of a classic quote from Sinclair Lewis: "When fascism comes to America it will be wrapped in the flag and carrying a cross."

    Unfortunately, and as your recent posts have so ably demonstrated, I believe that day may already be upon us.


    KB1SF / VA3KSF
  3. NL7W

    NL7W Premium Subscriber QRZ Page


    I have always had you pegged. Your liberal "education" continues to leach... Obviously, you have NEVER served in the military, and were schooled in the sixties/seventies. I think its safe to assume you would have, or may have run from the draft. Is that why you stick so close and cross over the Canadian border to work?

    At least I love my Nation, and have protected her -- to include your free speech. As a young, right-headed, 20-something patriot, my late Eighties direct operational involvement with our European theater tactical nuclear missile deterrent -- which helped end the Cold War through the INF treaty. Thank you, President Reagan, for your God-given foresight, steadfastness, and communicative abilities.

    Thank God for our Nation's young men and women who courageously serve, and have served, in our Nation's military -- abroad and at home. Young men and women who have not been corrupted by the biased far-left, liberal establishment (your generation) firmly planted in our colleges and universities. They are true heroes.

    Just remember, Judeo-Christian (traditionalist) beliefs are what built this great Nation -- to include the technology we all now enjoy. They will also save this Nation after the liberal-progressive "America haters" from your generation have torn Her down.
  4. KB1SF

    KB1SF Ham Member QRZ Page

    You still aren't getting any traction, Steven.

    Your frantic attempt to now turn this into a political discussion by questioning other people's patriotism with your boorish vitriol simply underscores that fact.

    It's over.

    Let's simply get on with things, shall we?

    KB1SF / VA3KSF
  5. NL7W

    NL7W Premium Subscriber QRZ Page

    This issue has always been political -- since day one. I choose to do or say what is right, despite the winds blowing.

    That's the difference between us, and what divides the Nation down the middle.
  6. KD5NCO

    KD5NCO Ham Member QRZ Page


    Being as you did all your schooling in the late 70s and through the 80s (re your claim to be 41 above).... I think you should perhaps recant several of your poor attempts at false implications of mine or Keith's education, political leanings, and character... You sir are so dead wrong about either of us you sound very foolish....

    You could also do me one other courtesy....try and read what I write, for comprehension....

    And I will be so bold as to say that both Keith and I do NOT advocate elimination of relevant and thorough examination of the required skills and knowledges for a US citizen to be granted a Federal Amateur Radio Operators License.

    But it is very true...many of us...many more that just Keith and I, question the current licensing scheme and much of it's relevance.

    If you perceive that to be a threat to your personal self actuilization...sorry...seems that is entirely your cross to bear
  7. NL7W

    NL7W Premium Subscriber QRZ Page

    There's no recanting necessary when it come to Keith -- for I'm dead on.

    I've been reading and following his rants for months or years -- my great intuitive abilities easily set him apart from the crowd; I know his kind.

    I actually wish I had time to converse with you about your thoughts posted earlier, for I do see discussion merit.

    Oh... one more thing. My self actualization happened on Active Duty -- by doing great things and never asking for them. I didn't and don't play games or much politics, and call it like I see it. I sleep very well at night, thank you very much.

    Best Wishes.
  8. KD5NCO

    KD5NCO Ham Member QRZ Page

    Too bad Steve, you sound like a good guy but you seem to be much too invested in tilting at windmills, sir.

    Changing world ...yes!

    Some PC, secular progressive direction, sure enough!

    But the destruction of traditional values and life as we know it??  Hardly!

    The ARS has survived much bigger changes and will weather this minor storm just fine... IMO

    I think you, too frequently, manage to cobble together very troubling and divisive words, sir...

    Really not worthy of the energy and sacrifice you have expended defending this great nation... Is it not true that for about half of your life, so far, you were part of important teams and sought to find solutions to problems?.... Did you appreciate that jerk in the corner that was the eternal pessimist? I sure did not!

    I am not implying you need shrug your shoulders and move on....  I Do think for the last three or four years you have loudly and longly banged the lazy, dumbed down, drum...

    It is old, not entirely true, and is a very divisive attitude....

    Especially at a time when the ARS needs to gather together as a congenial fraternity and stave off the real peril that is still to come...


    Now if you will excuse me I need to try memorizing more of the 665 questions and answers so I can qualify for no code Extra tomorrow morning...


    I have been studying my fanny off for the last six months. But I do intend tomorrow morning to pass the General (again) and do better then 80% on the Extra (my self actualization goal) and climb on HF 80m for the very first time tomorrow afternoon
  9. NL7W

    NL7W Premium Subscriber QRZ Page

    Good luck with testing.

    I've always been the troubleshooter -- the technician, planner, engineer -- the one with the Dilbert "techie" knack. I am the "fix-it" person and the "do-er". I have a keen sense of smelling BS in most every situation, especially telecom related issues. I am not the politician or high-level manager blowing smoke, those usually causing catastrophes I end up fixing down the road. With this background and keen intuition, it's been easy to spot ham radio's political rats endlessly scurrying about these the last couple of years.

    Anyway, "Amateur Radio" will survive -- but morph -- as it is now. BTW, it never really needed more people, just the right and willing technical sort. Will it be recognizable in ten or twenty years -- given the watered-down, non-technical, entrance requirements we've allowed? I really doubt it. It's a shame for me, after investing so much in this avocation for over 26 years.

    I do believe it's time to spend a VAST majority of my free time with my family, and take up more family-related, outdoor related activities, like hiking in the summer and snow-machining in the winter (that's snowmobiling in the lower-48). My specific ham related technical interests are winding down, pretty much in-sync with the older, technically adept hams -- as they wind down their lives. The commonalities between the less-technical newcomers and myself aren't there.

    The traditional hobby I knew has been hijacked -- and there's nothing I or the old-timers' can do about it now.

    Supposedly, it's the way of things -- entropy in action. It's time to move on and/or narrow my focus to one or two aspects I occasionally find enjoyable (HF CW).

    I'll shrug my shoulders now...

    Oh, you mentioned I have been less-than-truthful? In what way -- I'd like to hear it. In my own defense and to my potential detriment, I have always bared my true thoughts and beliefs (soul) here, and have never held back. Again, I sleep well at night. No worries, mate.

    GL es 73 de NL7W
  10. NL7W

    NL7W Premium Subscriber QRZ Page

    Advice: Don't cram for the Extra -- learn and comprehend the material presented.

    That reminds me of what I considered a much harder ham test... I do remember putting my new algebra skills to use in order to pass the Advanced when I was 16-years old.

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