TAPR Appoints New Directors, Secretary

Discussion in 'Amateur Radio News' started by Guest, Feb 12, 2001.

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    February 10, 2001


    Steve Stroh, N8GNJ, and Byon Garribrant, N6BG, have been appointed to the
    TAPR Board of Directors, and Guy Story, KC5GOI, has been appointed the
    organization's Secretary.

    Steve Stroh is a long time member of TAPR. He lives in Woodinville,
    Washington, a suburb of Seattle, where he is a member of the Puget Sound
    Amateur Radio TCP/IP Group (also known as WetNET, the Washington
    Experimenter's TCP/IP Group) and MicroHAMs, the Microsoft Amateur Radio
    Club. Steve's major interests in Amateur Radio are digital modes and
    advanced wireless networking. Steve has been the manager of TAPR's
    "NetSig" special interest group for several years, and has also been active
    in TAPR's spread spectrum SIG.

    Steve was recently named Digital Editor for CQ Amateur Radio Magazine and
    writes CQ's monthly Digital Wireless column. Professionally, he is a
    full-time Independent Technology Writer, focusing on Broadband Wireless
    Internet Access.

    Steve will fill the remaining Board term of Greg Jones, WD5IVD, who
    previously announced his desire to resign from his TAPR offices after many
    years of service.

    Byon Garribrant has been active in packet radio and transmitter hunting
    since he was licensed in 1990. He served as the Digital Communications
    Officer for Orange County RACES for 5 years, maintaining the group's packet
    BBS, and organizing digital communication exercises using packet
    message-passing software he created.

    In 1998, Byon began actively working with TAPR as a member of the PIC-E
    design team, and published the firmware used in the PIC-E. He has also
    given presentations at the last three Digital Communication Conferences on
    PIC programming. Byon has created several PIC-based amateur radio devices,
    including the GST-1 and GST-2, which allow GPSs to be used with APRS, the
    TinyTrak, an inexpensive TNC replacement for an APRS tracker, and PicCon, a
    transmitter controller for T-Hunting. He sells these devices as kits from
    his home business, Byonics. He lives in Las Vegas, Nevada, with his wife,
    Lara, KD6AYO, and three children and works as a computer game programmer
    for Westwood Studios.

    Byon will fill the remaining Board term of Barry McLarnon, VE3JF, who
    served TAPR as a Director and volunteer for many years. TAPR will miss
    Barry's technical knowledge and true ham spirit.

    Guy Story was first licensed in 1994 and has been an active packet radio
    user since his first day as a ham. He operated a TCP/IP station using JNOS
    before becoming active in APRS in early 1997, when he also joined TAPR. As
    a TAPR member, he has been actively involved in the organization's APRS and
    spread spectrum activities. Guy is also the APRS Chairman and repeater
    control operator for the Denton County Amateur Radio Association and is an
    assistant emergency coordinator for Denton County ARES.

    Guy lives in Denton, Texas and is an Electronics Technician in the area of
    EMC/EMI compliance for Interphase Corporation in Dallas.

    Guy takes over as Secretary from Bob Hansen, N2GDE, who continues as a
    Director and as Editor of the Packet Status Register, TAPR's quarterly

    About TAPR
    TAPR (officially, Tucson Amateur Packet Radio, Inc.) is a non-profit
    research and development corporation dedicated to advancing amateur radio
    through digital technology. It focuses on development of hardware and
    software tools that enable ham radio operators to explore leading edge
    technologies. Despite its name, TAPR is an international organization with
    over 2000 members worldwide.

    Contact information:

    Telephone: (940) 383-0000

    Email: tapr@tapr.org

    Web: http://www.tapr.org
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