Planning and Operating a Special Events Station

Discussion in 'Amateur Radio News' started by WB4AEJ, May 25, 2010.

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  1. TA2RX

    TA2RX Ham Member QRZ Page

    Speaking of costs, don't ask how much we have spent for the HamFest at Friedrichshafen, Germany!:p (See for a brief story of our travel.) Preparations took months because we had to get printed posters, brochures, magnets, stickers, get a video edited (thankfully this was done by one of our friends). All of these in addition to the QSLs and our ILOTA awards.

    This year it is going to get worse because we have got three awards now. (See for the list) more than 20 special events for the year and an estimated QSL of 40000 in total, perhaps more. Thankfully, having so much activity going around, we attract a lot of new hams to come and join us, and eventually share the cost, I hope :rolleyes:
  2. G1PIE

    G1PIE Ham Member QRZ Page

    special event

    I love both operating and working special event stations there is some smashing qsl cards to collect.
    my current one is GB4WLR have a look and my own.
  3. WB4AEJ

    WB4AEJ Ham Member QRZ Page

    As far as the phone calls, I'd suggest you get a VOIP phone for that purpose. If you already have high speed Internet, this will work just fine. You'll save quite a bit.

    I'm with you one hundred per cent on the QSL cards or certificates. They should be some really nice art work. When the event is over, they will be the only remnant of your operation.


    Fred, WB4AEJ
  4. N4KC

    N4KC Ham Member QRZ Page

    Very good primer

    Like others, I have experience with setting up and running special event operations (See N9N here on, and can verify that this is a great primer. Where were you two years ago when I really needed you?:p

    Plus, I am a sucker for these things, and especially if they serve the dual purpose of recognizing an event or honoring someone and also demonstrate amateur radio for the public. I just worked AA5AR on the WWII troop train this morning and loved hearing the train whistle in the background during the QSO. Heck, they can be a lot of fun and a great rallying point for a club, too.

    One note: the 1X1 callsigns can be reassigned multiple times during the year so be prepared to get QSLs for other operations. Even though I posted notes on QRZ and on my own web site, I still got quite a few for a club state QSO party operation using N9N. I sent them a voided QSL anyway along with their SASE and a note to send it to the correct address.

    Be prepared, too, to get QSLs for a while. It has been 21 months since N9N and I still get cards.

    (To see more on the N9N "Nautilus 90 North" special event from the USS Nautilus, visit

    Don Keith N4KC
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  5. WB4AEJ

    WB4AEJ Ham Member QRZ Page

    Two years ago? Well, I'd like to believe that I am not the only one that could have written an article like this. Where were the others?

    True, they can and often are assigned multiple times in a year. But I've never gotten a QSL for one that we ran if it wasn't for our station.

    I never heard of it going 21 months, though. I'm afraid if anyone waited that long on K5B that they'd probably be out of luck. We are about out of cards and I don't think we'll be printing any more.


    Fred, WB4AEJ
  6. TA2RX

    TA2RX Ham Member QRZ Page

    To bureau or not to bureau

    Ha ha! I can see you do not know how some QSL bureaus work. Outgoing TA QSL bureau does not send anything for years and IARU refuses to change it because it is attached to the "National Member Society", whatever that means! (I am still waiting for them to answer my questions regarding this definition.) We send all cards of TCSWAT activities ourselves. Some of our HAM friends request to add their cards in, too. That's why our QSL manager functions like a QSL bureau. I can assure you he has got a hard time all through the year. We are lucky that he enjoys it. Otherwise it would be one of the greatest problems we experience because this year we expect to have some 40.000 QSO's from our SE activities.
  7. WB4AEJ

    WB4AEJ Ham Member QRZ Page

    Well, we aren't accepting requests from the bureau. We are only accepting cards that were directly mailed to us. And since there is more than one K5B, how would the bureau know where to send it anyway? And besides, we're about out of K5B cards. I doubt that any more will be printed.

    And I do have some limited experience with the bureau. I've sent a number of cards to DX stations via the bureau. But I've rarely received anything back via the bureau.


    Fred, WB4AEJ
  8. WB4AEJ

    WB4AEJ Ham Member QRZ Page

    We got all Thirteen Colonies this year AND the Union Jack station, too.

    Our certificate came yesterday and will make a proud addition to the wall of our clubhouse.
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