NWS Special Event Weekend Feedback

Discussion in 'Amateur Radio News' started by Guest, Dec 6, 2000.

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    Pam writes...

    "As a new HF'er, I was thrilled to finally have my fanned dipole up in the air and working splendidly for the NWS Special Event this past weekend. The only bands tuned and working for me were twenty and forty. I woke up Saturday morning on my day off, and heard the event in progress and quickly went to the website to check it out!

    I must admit I have never had so much fun in ham radio as I did this past weekend. The NOAA Amateurs I talked with were all very nice and friendly and patient to the max. (Even though many were slammed with calls.)

    I really wanted to thank the NOAA Weather Services for the great time I had and I think by everyone who participated. I hope this event happens more often than once a year. I also earned two cerificates in the event and also QSO's for two more special events that had nothing to do with the NWS events...they were the Naval Acadamy and Everglades events.....which thrilled me as my daughter is currently serving in the US Navy.

    Once again......thanks to all. KB5NST@wt.net"
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