Message in a bottle found on VK0M by sub-Antarctic station

Discussion in 'Amateur Radio News' started by W0PV, Nov 4, 2019.

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  1. W0PV

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    That's a great point Chip. Many hams let alone mass media outlets may not be aware most modern DXpedtions to deserted remote spots are embedded with scientific projects as well, and if to a populated disadvantaged area are combined with humanitarian efforts. There are more but below are a few examples of the latter,

    International DX Association, Inc. - INDEXA, a non-profit organization for the enhancement of amateur radio, worldwide peace, and friendship. Per ARRL, “INDEXA believes that many of the DXpeditions we support have a unique opportunity to perform humanitarian activities which will improve the lives of those indigenous people and communities they encounter on a DXpedition.” INDEXA said in a June 29 news release. “Humanitarian activities come in a variety of forms including education, medical, and dental assistance, infrastructure improvements, and physical donations of goods and other services.”

    EUDXF supports the 6O6O humanitarian fundraiser DXpedition to Somalia - "In conjunction with this trip they setup a humanitarian fundraiser where all donations received will be given directly to Doctors Without Borders in Somalia. Also the support received from the DX community will go to this humanitarian fundraiser. The operators will cover their own expenses. ... In 2016 Ken @LA7GIA did a similar fundraiser for Doctors Without Borders in Central African Republic as TL8AO. That fundraiser ended on 11000 USD. "

    Kanton Island T31T - Next to typically ham radio focused activity, we wish to connect our radio project with humanitarian aid mission addressed to little, isolated community of the Kanton Atoll. It’s inhabited by as little as 24 persons and their needs are often forgotten by local authorities and rest of the world. ... Apart from the ham radio activity, our other goal is to focus on delivering a new gears and equipment needed for of monitoring and prevention of natural disasters (such as early warning system of cyclones, earthquakes, tsunami). There are also necessary repairs to be done to the old, existing equipment. Without proper technical backup, the Kanton’s friendly and most welcoming community will much more be exposed to natural disasters and climate change’s side effects.There is also no fresh water on Kanton. Water maker machine will be very helpful for locals /they are using rain water to drink.
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    41 millennials. (Not quite the same thing.)
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    OK Boomer :p ... (like me :D)
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    "Boomer...AOK!" :)
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    LMAO - ironic retort if typical American hand-gesture is included :eek: - however its been co-opted too much and I respect my DL YL and Brazilian friends so will pass on making it a meme ;).
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    Might be faster than the bureau.
    Mike N3PM
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  7. N6SPP

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  8. N9RUN

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    The lyrics are from The Police's Message in a Bottle
  9. W0PV

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    From The Reg article cited in OP, a comment by "SquidEmperor",

    OK - Quick update

    [1]. I Still have not been able to contact the bottle tosser
    [2]. Now have a name (Malgorzata ), a profession (Doctor) and a full email address
    * Malgorzata is derived from the Greek word margarita (μαργαρίτα) meaning "pearl". It is equivalent to the English "Margaret"
    [3]. A fellow passenger has emailed Malgorzata and some other passengers who were also on the trip to see if we can get in touch with her
    [4]. I've shared this information (and the full email which I won't share here for privacy) with the Australian Antarctic Division so they can forward the details to Stella Thomas who works for them and was the person who found the bottle

    So in summary the bottle was indeed dropped off the vessel M/V Ortelius whilst it was off-shore of Bouvet Island on (we assume) April 6 2015 by a Polish Doctor named Malgorzata who various individuals are endeavouring to contact to let her know that her bottle has been received.
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  10. VE7IAF

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    I like the way you think.


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