Foundations of Amateur Radio - Episode 89

Discussion in 'Amateur Radio News' started by VK6FLAB, Feb 18, 2017.

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  1. W3BAT

    W3BAT Ham Member QRZ Page

    Where can I begin? Let me pick one band. I will use 40 meter as an example. Where I live in NW PA the lower end of the phone band is full of Extra Class elitist always complaining about the no coders. 7.185 and 7.200 are quite frequently full of profanity and endless trash. I would say to be fair about 1/2 the conversations are fairly nice. The ham radio average age is increasing and there are virtually no younger people and very few woman. I believe that a big part of it is already gone. I find the nets very boring. The same short weather reports and inane signal reports. I rarely hear any elmers out there offering technical lessons anymore on the air waves. Amateur radio cannot compete with smart phones. That is a lost war. The young people will not be enticed by expensive radio equipment when they hold the world in their hand at a much cheaper price . The smart phone no license needed and almost no chance of getting shocked.
  2. KD8VLN

    KD8VLN Ham Member QRZ Page

    It's a sure bet that here in the region that I live, the hobby is far from dead. We have more than enough nets that draw new hams each week. They're a great way to introduce them to DX communication. :)
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  3. WN4HOG

    WN4HOG Ham Member QRZ Page

    "Next, I would cancel any and all of the absolutely useless "Nets" that tie up space 24/7 on 14.300-14.350 in the 20 Meter band, and give that area to Techs for SSB phone. If we flood that area with thousands of Techs excited to get contacts, maybe it would drive out some of the crotchety old-timers that think they own that portion of the band. Furthermore, we should also limit the power level in that portion of the band to 200 Watts PEP or less, to ALL classes of license holders. Keep out the idiots running 2KW, and let everyone have a shot."

    FWIW, I know MANY a boater who got their Ham ticket just so they could use 14.300 while traveling the South Seas.
  4. KB0HAW

    KB0HAW Ham Member QRZ Page

    So why should I have to get a boat to use 14.300? It is a Ham frequency, NOT a maritime-only frequency as "MANY a boater" claim. Give it to the Technicians.
  5. K5AGE

    K5AGE Ham Member QRZ Page

    I don't think you can accurately judge the popularity of amateur radio by listening to the voice portions of the bands now a days. The younger crowd relies less on "voice communication" as a whole. Not just in the HAM world, and it's not a bad thing, just the way life is now. I think amateur radio is doing great, just look in all the other great ways to enjoy the hobby besides your standard ssb voice conversations on the hf slices. That is just one part.
  6. AK7DB

    AK7DB Premium Subscriber QRZ Page

    I'm finding many younger hams running the digital modes these days. I think the combination of radio and computer makes it more appealing to those who think you can only talk on a smartphone.
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  7. KG4YMC

    KG4YMC Ham Member QRZ Page

  8. KG4YMC

    KG4YMC Ham Member QRZ Page

    I think part of it may be the lack of social skills when I went to a local ham club about the cold ahoulder.they may call on the air,but trying to get a hello was like pulling like forget this. They has
    A guy talk about sat.con.unteresting .if want to spend lots of money on short com.when bird passes over.and he couldn't wait to get out the door.17 and 40 only thing going now.and cb.mentalury on 75 get A old and profaniy.hams need to present themselves better
  9. KG5AJX

    KG5AJX Ham Member QRZ Page

    As a "New" tech it took me 30 years to get my ticket, being half deaf in one ear and tone deaf in the other CW is a bugger bear for me.
    I found out a about 2 months prior to taking my test that CW was no longer required so I crammed and took my test.

    I see a lot of people getting their tech ticket for emergency preparedness and local communications and not much interest in DX
  10. G4KHU

    G4KHU Ham Member QRZ Page

    I think many people have forgotten that ham radio is about radio. It's not social media, it's a challenge of operating and technical skills to communicate through a difficult medium. As someone else has said, 2kw amps and 7 element beams (the cheque book/credit card amateurs) kind of take it away from people who don't have the money or the acreage. But it's a bit like fishing, you have to dangle your line in the river to catch a fish and often you get nothing, but when you do it's very satisfying. Sure, we are up against an ageing population and a spectrum full of other QRM/QRN but for those who worry about declining numbers, well maybe less would be more, we don't need people who get their ticket, make a few calls on VHF then get bored and go away we need a core of committed life long radio enthusiasts. Maybe a condition of the license should be we all have to make a percentage of CW (hand) QSO's, that would sort the men from the boys (or women from the girls!).
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