California AB-1785 signed - Bans Ham Radio Usage in Vehicle

Discussion in 'Amateur Radio News' started by K6ZOO, Oct 27, 2016.

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  1. KG6TGU

    KG6TGU Ham Member QRZ Page

    sad but in ca everything is becoming a crime to have, hold or just do.
    this is not just a trend for hams, but what we do in other parts of our lives. if it is not politically correct, the powers that be under the dome do not like us and try to look like they are doing good by making more and more free peoples instant criminals.

    less laws and full enforcement is a better way to go. and NO exempt class, everybody held accountable under the law.
  2. K4KWH

    K4KWH Ham Member QRZ Page

    I agree. Looking back at history and how our Nation rose to the forefront of industry and technology, especially during the early 20th century,. it is hard not to make comparisons and compare the decline of same with the onslaught of laws and regulations that really began their march circa 1969-1970. Surely, many of these regulations were good, or meant to solve a problem. such as earth's environment, pollution, to curb accidents, improve health. Some, however, that were proposed by one group or another, tended to increase that singular group's agenda above others, and once power acceded to them, the taste of same was great in their mouths! So it required more.....and more..............................and MORE. Case in point being those environment regulations, courtesy of EPA, et al. Each regulation that was made entailed control, and authority. Each one promised to "cure" an ill, but much is never enough. The environment will never be healed; the ones with the power and taste of blood in their nostrils want more.............and more...........and MORE until a technology is stifled, costs more than its former benefit, even is destroyed. Case in point: the coal industry. Yes, coal can be dirty, but it CAN be cleaned up. I've read studies indicating that coal could be made about 85% cleaner than it is today. Technology would see to that. Jobs have been lost, and an industry killed because of regulation. Another thing was NAFTA. This was a real disaster that also killed American jobs and sent our work overseas. Don't believe it? I can take you to sites of former textile giants with humongous plants. Here in my town alone, and all across the nation, there are vacant lots, HUGE empty lots where "anchors" of industry once stood. Burlington Industries----GONE! Cone Mills--GONE! American & Efird--greatly reduced to one or two plants! Plants now empty with "For Sale or Lease" signs leaning sideways, they've been there so long, & and faded. Jobs---gone! Given away to China and Indonesia. Bad, bad move. Many industry executives will tell you, that its not our inability to compete; its regulations and taxes that have strangled what was once America's industrial might, and choked the very lifeblood out of the Middle Class! This is what "Progressive Thinking" hath wrought. Of course it won't happen, but we should roll back our regulations to about 1970, and we would see America gather steam again, and roll like a juggernaut down the tracks. Meantime we become more "progressive", and more "forward thinking" while our societal heart beats slower and slower..............................................until.:confused:
  3. W6EW

    W6EW Ham Member QRZ Page

    With advanced age I grow impatient. It's like having little kids in your home forever, destroying stuff faster than you can fix it. We can spend three years trying to get a reasonable exception to the ban on the basis that there is NO evidence that hams have a higher accident rate than drivers with no communications devices, OR we can get their attention.

    Illeigitimus carborundi -- the bastards have worn me down. I attended a meeting in Oakland 20 years ago, when Governor Brown was mayor there, and spoke to point out the need for an exception for hams from the mobile cell phone ban proposed at that time.

    Now I believe it is time to take organized action. I propose that hams decline to provide any emergency or disaster communications to any HOA, town, city, county or state with arbitrary restrictions against reasonable antenna and tower size, or any such B.S. as AB-1785. I say this as one who stopped at countless highway accidents to render medical aid and call for help in the days before mobile phones. And as one who has been a comms volunteer in sheriff's departments in two states. And as one who has dealt with the months of obstructions to putting up three different ham antenna towers over the decades.

    What motivates most people to help the community is internal, but it can be stunted or killed by a lack of appreciation or worse, thoughtless obstructionism. I'm done
  4. K4KPT

    K4KPT Ham Member QRZ Page

    Not a chance. In quite a few places, you can't even operate from your home anymore. The FCC declined to intervene.
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  5. K6KJQ

    K6KJQ Ham Member QRZ Page

    The battle against AB-1785 is ramping up. CA Assembly Member Quirk wrote this bill to limit the use of cell phones while driving, but inadvertently included language in the dark of night that includes two way radio. Close to 1,400 signatures have been collected against the legislation. While Quirk's office claims there was no intent to include two way radio, it would take too much work to make any corrections. Initially, Quirk's office asked, "What is amateur radio?" His office has been on overload with calls, possibly provoking an effort to make change. The petition can be found on Change.Org. We are not going to give up the fight.
  6. WD0BCT

    WD0BCT Premium Subscriber QRZ Page

    A wonderful example of the power of the majority.
    Now....the test will be to convince a majority that two way radio is somehow different than cell phone usage.
    All those who have lost a family member due to "distracted drivers" will be a tough nut to crack.
    A motor cycle buddy of mine was wiped out by a teen fumbling a CD change on his car stereo.
    Perhaps driverless cars will be the ultimate answer. I've heard a rumor that the insurance companies are rooting for this technology.
  7. KG5PTU

    KG5PTU Ham Member QRZ Page
    "The Los Angeles County District Attorney’s Office announced in August that it would not file charges against Wood since he acted within the course and scope of his duties when he typed while driving"
    The department changed its policy the following year to make radio the primary tool of communication in lieu of the computer....
  8. W6GRD

    W6GRD Ham Member QRZ Page

  9. WJ6F

    WJ6F Ham Member QRZ Page

    What, did they run out of gun laws to pass so now they are coming after hams?
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  10. K4KWH

    K4KWH Ham Member QRZ Page

    I ironically had a conversation with an ARRL official at a local hamfest today about this very issue! He tells me that ARRL has been watching this very closely. They also have people on the front lines in various states who are able to contact the "right" people when such bans or prohibitions arise in legislation proposals. One state that attempted to "ban" amateur radios a few short years ago was Delaware--and they did, indeed, put such in place. Hams, inside and outside of ARRL, went to bat to get this changed, and it DID result in an amendment to their law. He also agrees with me in that amateur radio is NOT governed by states; it is the sole authority of FCC, not states. He also is aware of that Brief, 91-36, that gave unabashed support for amateur MOBILE operations, and that this would be hard for the states to break in court. All it would take, IHO, is a test case in Federal court to bring this out. However, since thus far, ARRL and others, have had success in getting prior laws amended, or shot down, it hasn't been necessary (yet). And there have been proposals in various states we haven't even heard about because our fellow hams were successful in getting amendments or having any restrictions against amateur mobile ops shot down!;) Sure, it will be tried again, but people ARE watchingo_O this closely. Ultimately, we have a good chance at keeping Bubba off our backs!!!:cool:
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