Announcing the establishment of the LONG PATH FRIE

Discussion in 'Amateur Radio News' started by Guest, Oct 4, 2001.

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    dkf writes " Announcing the establishment of the LONG PATH FRIENDSHIP NET.

    Welcome to all amateur radio operators from the world over. A group of us who love people and who want to celebrate friendship throughout the world are starting the LONG PATH FRIENDSHIP NET. Many of us felt the desire to resurrect a net like the old Safari Net. All hams are invited to contribute to this net.

    The net will start at 1430 GMT, Sundays, 14.165 +/- and will be controlled by Sandy (K6HAE) and Steve (W7TZ) in California and John (ZS6AN) in South Africa.

    While this may not be an ideal time it is during the best long path conditions and gives us enough time to have a good net before conditions change for the worse. We have had excellent conditions for many months at this time and frequency.

    The net will follow a call-in/check-in system that some VHF nets use here in the states. There will be two controllers (1 x USA / 1 x RSA) and once a person has called in for 3 weeks in a row, he will be added to the list. If a person misses 3 call-ins in a row, he will be removed from the list etc.

    We know that this frequency is within the USA extra-class only portion of the band so we invite all lower class hams to upgrade and join us here! We seek to encourage every ham the world over to become as well trained in this field as possible. There will always be a call for good radio operators! This is a big planet and there are enough natural disasters to be dealt with as well as some sad man-made ones for which the proficient and friendly radio operator is a valued contributor.

    Join the LONG PATH FRIENDSHIP NET at 14.165, Sunday's 1430 GMT.

    Written by Dave, KD3V at the request of John, ZS6AN.

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