Amateur Radio For Kids By KD4SAI

Discussion in 'Amateur Radio News' started by Guest, Jan 3, 2001.

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    kd4sai writes "I am proud to present a new website all about amateur radio for children

    I am very proud to help out children who are interested in learning about amateur radio and what it has to offer. I have spent some time developing some new ideas and ways to educate younger children on this fascinating hobby. We all know that amateur radio enthusiasts have alot of scientific knowledge buried in their heads. This hobby is fun and very educational at the same time.

    Our children today is our future tommorrow, letting them acquire interest in this hobby would be the best thing to do, your child will be amazed of what is invloved with amateur radio. Children learn the applied sciences, electrical theory, how antennas work, how people sound from all parts of the world. It puts the world together as a learning place for culture and science, geography, astronomy!

    I have created a program online for children. I have donated this program. Thanks to our fellow amateur radio operators who have allocated us some server space for our educational children's amateur radio pages. The Ham Radio Community Chapter website has now added children's pages.

    If your child ever seen what amateur radio is all about you will be visiting many hams in person and be finding a place to have your child take the test after studying for it.

    Just come over to Ham Radio For Kids

    For our children's future.
    This is a non-profit organization to furthermore help educated people of all ages.

    73's de KD4SAI Roland (Home Page)

    Ham Radio Community Chapter"
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