2018 State of Ham Radio Survey

Discussion in 'Amateur Radio News' started by G4TUT, Mar 3, 2018.

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  1. N6TDG

    N6TDG Ham Member QRZ Page

    Interesting survery. Being a very newly licensed Ham, most of the questions were not relevant at this moment in time. Just the same, I took the time to do the survey and will be curious as to the results.
  2. KA6KBY

    KA6KBY Ham Member QRZ Page

    Good survey. But I found it contradictory. Couple questions asked about electronic participation to which I replied I didn't use them. Then POW 5 or 6 mandatory questions about electronic implementation. I had passed 'em because they didn't apply. Surprise ! unable to submit with out clicking 'em so I hit the neutral buttons. Probably will skew results on those questions , I'm sure I'm not only one this applies to.
    73's A4  II.jpg
    Bill KA6KBY
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  3. KK5R

    KK5R Ham Member QRZ Page

    Prezactly! Aside from opining, and this includes advice as to how to document and submit "proof" of what everyone hears, who wants to show off his/her ham radio experience to a visitor or neighbor and heard some real gutter language as can be hear sometimes on 7200? Just spin the dial? Would anyone consider a mechanic "good" if he took a car to the mechanic with a complaint that it was making a weird noise and the mechanic said, "Just turn up the radio and keep the windows closed!"??? Sure, ignore a rattlesnake and it will not be a problem. Right!l

    Broadcasting and not identifying to be ignored? And how many Good Hams have had their licenses suspended for this when they are in a long discussion on the sedentary bands with their friends? Some without warning, too. Sure, it's their fault for forgetting the Rules and Regulations and assuming that their conversation needs no clock or timer. But their license is suspended, anyway, while the dirty dogs on 7200 keep returning to their vomit.

    The FCC is too busy with too few people working in the Amateur Division. Or, is there such a thing, anymore? Are they going to treat hams as they did CB by finding that the problem was too big to go after unless it was to big to ignore the actions on the part of a very few "bandits"?

    A lot of "good" CBers became "good" hams and I believe that if this problem is not taken care of by the FCC in some way, there will come the day, I predict, that these same hams from the hinterland will resort to the "fixes" they learned as CBers regarding the renegades.

    This whole thing bodes things that everyone should want to avoid. Much better to nip it in the bud, even though this "bud" is more like a bush on fire. Come up with some good ideas as to how to fix the problem unless the problem becomes so great that it fixes us good hams that do obey the Rules and Regulations as well as we possibly can. Spinning the dial or turning off the rig and wondering how it fits into one's future is not a solution for those us who like like the hobby and wish it had not turned into a community complete with more than its deserved share of trash-talkers. And it's now illegal while there is some testing of the limits of societal norms? And then questions of who assumes to know what are "social norms"???

    Here is the key for knowing what is "normal":

    A visiting preacher was to speak to a church one Sunday morning and was asked to spend the previous night with the pastor of that church. The visiting preacher was downstairs that Sunday morning going over the notes he would be using in the sermon at the church when he heard the master of the house, the pastor of the church, call down to his wife in the kitchen preparing breakfast, "Honey, is this shirt on the end of the bed clean?" The wife called back, "If it's doubtful, dirty!" (True story; that visiting preacher was my father.)

    Does it matter that the chatter is legal or not? If it is not acceptable to the majority of the amateur community, then it matters since the ham bands are here for the good purposes of traditionally good hams and was so since the time it began. If the majority do not like it, then it goes beyond what is legal. Laws are supposed to establish what is NOT right and not to tell people what they are to do. It is supposed to set the limits. However, what is the recourse when even the limits are ignored?

    For one, I do not need anyone to tell me that 7200 is peopled by those who need to be educated in what is socially acceptable and tell THEM to spin the dial.
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  4. KK5R

    KK5R Ham Member QRZ Page

    There are enough hams on the bands that it is highly probable that there are hams living near some of the "bad boys of 7200" who would know that it is from a local ham just by seeing the signal level on their S-meter. Floating in the neighborhood would reveal some big antenna and cause some investigation to happen. However, this will not happen because most do not see Ham Radio being their problem. It would then be a case of narrowing down on someone instead of letting the FCC do its job. Otherwise, it would be taking the law into their hands, the hands of a private individual. They'd rather be a dial-spinner.

    In the days of when CB was King, some of those rascals found their coax pinned or a few feet of the coax missing after a long, dark night. Are we going to resort to such activity? For one, I'd rather sell out than take such action although it is what perhaps should be done. It would not physically harm the perp but it would stop the perp — at least for a time.
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  5. K2EZ

    K2EZ Platinum Subscriber Platinum Subscriber QRZ Page

    Due to distances it take a coordinated effort, but I agree they can be found. In fact in a coordinate effort the individuals often volunteer to help find so they can be on the inside so nobody is above suspicion.

    Actually tracking down and outing the perps, just knowing it is real (and not the empty threats people always make on the air) will cut way down on participants. The ones that are hams, and many are, do they want the reputation?

    Once identified and evidence collected and supplied the FCC is far more likely to take action...

    And if the perps suffer some mischief...well I am not going to cry over it
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  6. K2EZ

    K2EZ Platinum Subscriber Platinum Subscriber QRZ Page

    I am really tired of the overt prejudice and blaming of the "other". There are some older hams that fit the stereotype, but I know quite a few that are neither particularly old (30s) nor licensed a particularly long time who are just as guilty of all the usual complaints. except perhaps not talking about their prostates.

    There are equally large number of experienced hams that engage in education and support of the newer hams, but it gets kind of hard when any less than positive feedback on something gets tossed in the "that is old ham nonsense" bin.

    I feel fanning the flames of conflict between generations of hams causes far more harm than just ignoring those that fit the negative stereotypes be them truly "older hams" or just that way at any age or experience.

    If I were to point to a number one problem in amateur radio it is this conflict that I see in forums such as this and on social media. This is something I rarely experience on the air. Perhaps that is because I dial past the problems.

    No matter what someone's attitude, their opinion is theirs and one always has the option that has been around forever and simply work around them. It seems pointless to expect them to change. Yet so often I've seen people want something different but seem to want someone else (often the person they see as the problem) do it for them.
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  7. KK5R

    KK5R Ham Member QRZ Page

    Good thought. The ideal way is not to do it as a club venture lest, as you day, some stealthy perp could volunteer to chase someone down while laughing up his sleeve. However, if two or three guys who know each other well did it on the sly, unadvertised, the "correction/retribution" would be even more effective once it's done. This is not a matter of accumulating medals but of fixing the bands so they are usable/enjoyable by more hams without harassment. If this is done, we all gain by it.

    I much prefer talking to friends on ham radio without interference instead of sometimes thinking that what's going on is way too much like talking down a drain pipe. I also resent the idea that I must avoid certain hot spots when I show off the hobby.

    Not everyone is the same in the use of socially acceptable language by the majority. However, there is a whale of a lot more respect being extended to the immature actors than is being shown by them to the rest of us.

    Bottom line? Justification for Ham Radio includes furtherance of the hobby ("'contributing to the radio art") while expanding communications abilities. What we hear on 7200KHz , etc., does not do this.
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  8. N8RMA

    N8RMA Ham Member QRZ Page

  9. N0HWJ

    N0HWJ Premium Subscriber QRZ Page

    To Chip W1YW
    I agree and would suggest that you pick up the ball and run with it. Being 81 in January I some times get tired and need a nap in the afternoon. But I think your suggestion would work very well. I now know that Flex Radios can be worked almost from any where using I-Pad etc. What a superior way to follow up on my first suggestion, I expect it would be easer to implement your suggestion than a phone patch. It would be a big thing for a nursing home I am positive you would have a big audience. I would suggest you try it and see how it works.
    I guess you could visit a nursing home or assisted living area and find out if they have a ham or two or of course you could call fist.
    Please let me know what happens, I am very much interested to see how this all turns out. I will be listening on our Morning Nebraska Net. at 3982 at 7:30 AM CST
    to hear your first possible contact from a nursing home or at 6:30 PM same 3982 ( 80 Meters Phone)
    Another possibility would be to send me a e-mail to set up a sked on either 80 or 20 meter phone band ( General Portion) and then we could do a QSO with a ham in the home. Best of Luck Chip and 73s, Good DXing. N0HWJ

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