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    Default old PK-232MBX and PAKRATT II software will not function with my new Pentium 3 computer. I've been advised to either locate an old DOS computer...or change my software. Any ideas?? I keep hearing that there are "tons" of free RTTY/CW/ASCII programs "out there", but where??? So...either another bit of software or that old 8088/286/386 computer sitting in your Central; California garage?? Thanks in advance

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    Chuck -

    As you may know, support for PakRatt for DOS and Windows support ended in the 1990s (software never transitioned past the Win16 code set).

    Timewave switched to PK-Term for Windows software (Windows 95/98/NT/2000/XP support) by CSS in December 1998. #This is still the currently supported software suite. #PK-232MBX firmware version 7.0 or later may be required to work with PK-Term for Windows. #CSS web page:

    PK232 Upgrade Guide (Timewave, Corp.)

    CSS Free TNC Wizard for PC port location

    As for the "free software",
    YES there are a large number shareware programs available - BUT largely for usage with a personal computer (PC) sound card (which has DSP embedded inside). #

    You can build a sound card interface or ADD the PSK/Sound card interface kit

    PSK Sound Card Upgrade Data Sheet

    PSK Sound Card Upgrade Kit - Manual (Adobe Acrobat)

    At $69.95 this is less expensive than a WMR Rigrunner.

    My recomendation

    FORGET the old PC hunt - unless you have one (FREE) that you just desire to operate in dedicated mode. #If you have to spend $$ to acquire one -- spend that money on software or the sound card upgrade to your PK-232.

    The "FREE software" or shareware that you desire is going to be written for Windows (98 at the least and eventually only W2K and XP - which are far more stable OS) or Linux. #Don't expect the shareware software writer to spend time supporting old operating systems - no $ market.

    At a minimum consider the Timewave PSK Sound Card upgrade, whether you desire to also purchase PK-Term is really a choice of what digital modes you use with your PK-232.


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    Hi chuck and readers,

    While W9GB gave some good advice I have something to add. If your software won't run in the DOS window try upgrading your OS to Win XP w/SP2 which doesn't even use a window, simply emulates DOS and some MAC and others very well. Not only that but it emulates old Windows very well too, I run a terminal program from V3.11 and some other stuff without a hitch.
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    A few web sites that you should look at:

    Ernie Mills, W2MU Digital Amateur Radio

    PC AVTech - Sound Cards Compared and Tested
    Avoid poor performing cards - at any price

    Just PSK31

    HamScope version 1.55

    HamScope is a multi-mode communications interface for amateur radio that supports:

    PSK31 (BPSK and QPSK, see PSK31 Home Page )
    RTTY (HamScope uses Makoto Mori's MMTTY Engine)
    ASCII (both 7 bit and 8 bit protocols using MMTTY)
    MFSK16 (see MFSK16 Home Page )
    PACKET (HamScope uses George Rossopoulos' AGWPE Engine)

    Ralph Milnes KC2RLM - Soundcard packet

    KK7UQ Digital Radio


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    Try this one for the PK-232 download the file and go from there. My old PK-232 v1.06 DOS software runs great with WIN XP Pro.

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    Where on that site is it?

    I'll add that the Packratt-88 software runs under ME with little problem as well..

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