This is a rare find from the estate of a friend. #They (his widow is also a ham) purchased this station in 1981 and it has been maintained in excellent (almost mint) condition. #Everything described is included: #FT-707 transceiver with hand microphone, FP-707 power supply, FV-707DM digital VFO, FC-707 antenna tuner, and the MR-7 rack. #In addition, the ORIGINAL FT-707 Instruction Manual and Maintenance Service Manual, FV-707DM Instruction Manual and FC-707 Instruction Manual is included. #I hooked the entire station up in my shack and everything is working just like it came out of the store.

FT-707 Transceiver with Up/Down Scanning Hand Microphone
o Compact Size: #Though hardly larger than a book, the FT-707 is a full-featured transceiver with performance you might expect only in a “top of the line” transceiver. #It is ideally suited for your home station or as a traveling companion.
o All Solid State: #The solid state final amplifier includes individual low-pass filter networks, for excellent reduction of harmonics that can cause TVI. #This superb amplifier will provide 100 watts output on 80 through 10 meters, yet is very forgiving of minor SWR conditions in your antenna system (you still get 50% of the rated output at 3:1 SWR&#33
o WARC Bands Installed: #You get complete coverage of 80 through 10 meters, including the 10, 18 and 24 MHz bands.
o LED Indicator System: #Have you ever had to squint while driving in order to read the output meter on your transceiver? #You’ll never have that problem with the FT-707; the front panel meter has been replaced by a string of red, yellow and green LEDs that provide easy-to-read indication of the relative power output, received signal strength, and the ALC voltage. #This leaves you free to concentrate on the road instead of your S-meter!
o Variable IF Bandwidth Control: #An exciting feature of the FT-707 is the variable IF bandwidth control, which provides adjustment of the width of the IF passband continuously from 2.4 kHz down to 30 Hz (-6 dB). #Sixteen poles of crystal filtering in this system allow you to eliminate high pitched SSB “buck-shot” or unwanted CW signals with the twist of a knob.
o Wide Receiver Dynamic Range: #The rugged front end of the FT-707 includes an exceptionally strong Schottkey diode ring module, followed by a broadband power transistor post-amp, for excellent intercept characteristics. #Individual filter networks in the front end reject out-of-band signals, and the unbelieveably clean local oscillator chain results in a very low noise floor. #This means you get the sensitivity you need for weak-signal work, along with the strong signal performance you need for battling those 40 meter broadcast signals. #Compare the FT-707 to all the others – it probably will sport the best receiver you have ever used.
o Digital External VFO FV-707DM (Option): #The optional FV-707DM Digital VFO provides up/down scanning in 10 Hz steps (so close together that you’ll think you’re using a regular analog VFO). #Scanning control – up/down, fast/slow – may be exercised from the optional scanning microphone, perfect for operation while mobile.
o Convenience Features: #You have VOX and semi-break-in CW, with gain and delay controls on the front panel. #A 25 kHz crystal calibrator, selectable AGC, advanced noise blanker, and carefully engineered front panel layout provide you with fumble-free, predictable operation.
o Digital Plus Analog Frequency Display: #The FT-707 includes digital plus analog frequency readout, for an accurate frequency display. #The bright LED digital display is coupled to a true frequency counter, which means you never have to recalibrate when changing modes.
o GENERAL: #Frequency coverage: #80m 3.5-4.0 MHz, 40m 7.0-7.5 MHz, 30m 10.0-10.5 MHz, 20m 14.0-14.5 MHz, 17m 18.0-18.5 MHz, 15m 21.0-21.5 MHz, 12m 24.5-25.0 MHz, 10m 28.0-29.9 MHz. #Modes of operation: #LSB, USB, CW, AM. #Power requirements: #13.5 volts DC. #Current consumption: #DC 1.5 amps receive, DC 20 amps transmit. #Case size: #93(H) x 240(W) x 295(D) mm incl. heat sink. #Weight: Approx 6.5 kg.
o TRANSMITTER: #Power input: #SSB/CW 240 watts DC, AM 80 watts DC. #Carrier suppression: #Better than 40 dB. #Unwanted sideband suppression: #Better than 50 dB at 14 MHz, 1kHz mod. #Spurious emissions: #At least 50 dB down. #Frequency response: #350-2700 Hz (-6 dB). #Third order distortion products: #At least 31 dB down. #Frequency stability: #Less than 300 Hz drift over 30 minutes after 10 minute warmup. #Modulation type: #SSB – Balanced modulator, AM – Amplitude modulation of a low power stage. #Antenna output impedance: #50 ohms. #Microphone impedance: #500-600 ohms (low impedance)
o RECEIVER: #Sensitivity: #SSB/CW 0.25 uV for 10 dB S/N, AM 1.0 uV for 10 dB S/N. #Selectivity: #SSB 2.4 kHz (-6 dB), 4.0 kHz (-60 dB), AM 3.6 kHz (-6 dB), 6.8 kHz (-60 dB). #Image rejection: #60 dB (80-12m). #Audio output impedance: #4-16 ohms. #Audio output: #3 watts @ 4 ohms @ 10% THD. #Variable bandwidth control: #Continuous from 300 Hz to 2.4 kHz (SSB/CW modes only)
Rack Mount Your Station: #The FT-707 line can be an attractive addition to your shack, den, or workshop. #Use the MR-7 Rack to assemble your FT-707 series equipment in a functional, convenient manner. #Your ham station need never be an eyesore again!

FV-707DM Digital VFO: #Twelve memories, up/down scanning in 10 Hz steps, and receiver offset tuning provide unparalleled operating convenience for you. #You can store frequencies tuned on either the transceiver or the FV-707DM, then just press a button for instant return to the memorized frequency. #Less than an inch high, the FV-707DM is designed for mounting directly beneath the FT-707 transceiver, yielding a digitally tuned transceiver package not much larger than a book!

FP-707 Power Supply: #The FP-707 provides the 13.5 volt DC power required by your FT-707 transceiver. #Excellent regulation – a quality not often found in power supplies this compact – means you never have to worry about stability when you go key down.

FC-707 Antenna Coupler: #The FC-707 antenna coupler lets you present a 50 ohm load to your FT-707 transceiver all across the band, thus assuring you of maximum power output. #Low-loss components are used throughout this ultra-compact antenna coupler, for high efficiency. #If your antenna system is not up to snuff all across the band, let the FC-707 handle it.

I’m asking $500.00 for this station plus UPS Ground shipping and insurance from 76354. #If the station is to be shipped outside the continental United States, it will be sent Airmail Parcel Post. #Most of the original boxes are available for this equipment! #Everything will be very well packed and double boxed.

Serious offers only:

Picture of the FT-707 Line