I have "a few" (too many :-) of these old Swan VX-2 VOX units, all in various stages of repair. Being 99.9% a CW guy with the Swan boatanchors I have, these old relay driven units get quite a workout as I turn the delay down and push the semi-QSK limit.

I've killed a few (too many :-) of them too.

There is a Mod for these old Swan VOX unit where the relays are replaced with PIN diodes (?) to not only resurrect dead VX-2s (Maybe even VX-1s?) but after Modding, true QSK also becomes possible. I know this old VX-2 Mod exists... A friend of mine in AZ has one. Well I've searched this forum and used my best Google-Fu out in the wilds of the Intertubes, but I cannot find any schematic or discussion on this Mod.

Can anyone please point me in the direction of this Mod?