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Thread: Tone board for Kenwood TR-7600

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    Default Tone board for Kenwood TR-7600

    Today I picked up a Kenwood TR-7600 2 M FM transceiver at a hamfest. Works good, except it does not have a tone board for repeater access.

    Does anyone know what tone board I need for this radio, and where can i get one?

    Thanks in advance.

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    The Kenwood TR-7600 is a digitally synthesized high performance, 2 meter mobile transceiver.


    It features a four digit LED frequency display with memory.
    Transmit power may be set for 1 or 10 watts. Frequency range is 144 - 147.995 MHz.
    6.3 x 2.375 x 9.2 inches 4 lbs. Requires 13.8 VDC at 3 amps.

    Kenwood TR-7600 / TR-7625 Operating Manual

    There are ONLY Two Commercial After-Market suppliers for CTCSS add-on boards.
    Piexx and Com-Spec. Purchase from your favorite amateur radio dealer OR directly.

    Piexx Tone Boards
    Hillsboro, NH

    CONTACT Piexx for specific board and installation details
    Com-Spec SS-64 CTCSS Encoder Board
    Orange, CA

    SS-64 Instructions

    SPECIFIC Instructions for installing Com-Spec SS-64 into your Kenwood TR-7600
    Attached Images Attached Images
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    Thanks W9GB. Just got my board in today. Installed it and so far it works, although for some reason there's a repeater 20 miles from me, that on 10 w. all you hear is a buzz when I key up, but when I drop it to 1 watt I'm clear as a bell....but the repeater 10 miles from me is fine on 1 or 10 watts. I tried adjusting the little pot on the radio but to no aval. Anyone know why this is?

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    Considering where you're located / stationed, I'd try to find the electronics shop where they might have a Service Monitor to set the CTCSS Subaudible Tone to +/- 750 Hz Deviation Level. That tone might be over Deviated causing what appears to be a BUZZ on your Audio transmitted signal. Once that level is set then your transmit audio Deviation should be set at +/- 5 KHz with 1 VAC @ 1 KHz audio signal fed into the mic input connector for Analog FM Deviation. Using this method of setting the TX levels will insure that your TR-7600 is not over deviated. Perhaps the repeater 20 miles away does not have a Subaudible Decoder Filter which strips the transmitted CTCSS / PL Encode Tone Frequency out of the repeated audio. I hope you can understand what I'm trying to convey to you.



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