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Thread: Hammarlund HQ-140 Front Panel Refinish

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    Default Hammarlund HQ-140 Front Panel Refinish

    Has anyone done a refinish of the HQ-140 front panel. I have done the SP-600 panels with the stamped lettering and fill the grooves with White-Out. This one has raised lettering.

    Any input will be appreciated.


    Ed WA4NJY
    Bradenton, Fl

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    HQ-140-XA Manual (Quality PDF scan) courtesy of Mike, N9BOR

    Dee Almquist, W4PNT (sk) offered screen printing and restorations
    for Hammerlund HQ-series front panels, before his passing two years ago (2011).
    I have no idea where those front panel screens for various radios went.

    Dee did restorations for:
    E.F. Johnson Ranger, Valiant, VFO-122
    Hammarlund HQ-Series
    Collins R390A (special requests)
    W1CTC did overlays for his Hammerlund restoration (photo attached).
    Chuck Hurley, K1TLI assumed the E.F. Johnson restoration /repainting / front panel work
    that Dee formerly provided. You can contact him directly, to see if he would restore your panel.
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