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Thread: Icom SM-5 Microphone

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    Default Icom SM-5 Microphone

    Hello All From Australia,

    As I am very new to this hobby and don't have a lot of technical know how I was wondering is it possible to get the Icom SM-5 desk microphone to work on a Yaesu FT890 transceiver.



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    AFAIK, the SM-5 uses and electret element, and the Yaesu is designed to work with a dynamic mic. Check the pin-outs of the 890's mic connector. You'll need to figure out a way to connect the AF and PPT/ground lines, as well as provide power to the SM-5's mic element.

    According to this manual, the AF and power travel on the same pin, pin 1. PTT is enabled between pins 5 and 6.

    According to this manual, pins 5 and 6 enable PTT, but AF travels on pin 8 and there's no power coming from the rig at all.

    So in order to use the SM-5 with the 890, you'll need to devise a circuit to reroute the AF and provide power.
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    Disregard. I saw SM-5 and immediately thought Shure SM-5, a now discontinued though greatly sought after Low Z Dynamic Microphone used for Vocals.
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